What a Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend I went home to N.J. for my baby shower, thrown by my amazing mom and sister.

It was fantastic to see my family and friends, and my mom and sister  put on quite a beautiful event for me — I felt so loved and adored, and let me tell you — so did Baby Girl! 🙂 She was moving lots this weekend. 🙂

It was also nice to really be showing now. I’m 30 weeks, 2 days now, so things are moving along — it’s wild to think that in 10-12 weeks, I’ll be a mommy!


My mom's labor of love!


One interesting thing to note related to my blog: it was the first time in about five years that I did not travel with workout clothes or  food … none.

I mean, usually I’m armed with apples and oatmeal and snacks and then I make special requests with my mom … not this time.

It felt liberating in a way. I went with the flow. I ate cereal with 1% milk (not skim–my parents drink 1%). Bagels, not oatmeal. At the diner Friday, I shared a chicken gyro with my sister that came with fries (had a few, plus a side salad–some things don’t change; had to have some veggies!); a slice of pizza and a quarter of an Italian hero Saturday …

And then at the shower Sunday the food was just a-ma-zing. The main course might make you drool (mini N.J. bagels from my fave local place, mini quiches, pumpkin apple spice muffins, white veggie lasagna, tomato/basil/fresh mozz pasta salad, mini Honeybaked Ham and Swiss sandwiches, grilled chicken/goat cheese/cranberry salad) but trust me when I say, it was made from scratch and awesome!

Then in addition to an ice cream cake and chocolate-covered strawberries came my fave part of the meal–the mini shot-glass desserts we made filled with apple crisp, my Grandma Jeanette’s famous carrot cake, Death by Chocolate and ambrosia! A little taste for everyone 😉 I had one of each! (We laugh now because we forgot the whole ginormous fruit salad in the fridge — oops!)

I finished off the weekend of indulging out to lunch with my family at this adorable bar and grill in Madison called 54 Main. I had the French dip with fries (had a few) and a side salad. Anyone who typically dines with me knows this is not the norm, but they also know it’s not “just” because I’m pregnant. I did what any sensible person would do: ordered what I wanted, and ate half. Life’s more fun that way, rather than getting the “safe” boring salad.

Of course, this elation doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be back to my more “normal” food choices this week or the gym tonight — but it did feel wonderful to just enjoy.

I always feel so good after those weekends — ready to get back on track. I feel “normal” when I do this. I didn’t mindlessly snack, didn’t worry about it period. And I didn’t stray entirely off course anyway; I’m still regimented in some ways … I mean, I still journal– so it’s not like I fear going hog-wild, even being pregnant. I know I won’t.

All in all, it was one of the most fantastic weekends ever, and my hubby and I feel truly blessed. I’ll be uploading pics to Facebook this week, so I’ll share the album link once I do. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Note: in the one pic, I’m holding an ice cream cake. In the other, it’s the diaper cake my mom made!! Talk about a labor of love! If you know of anyone who is expecting, let me know! I want her to turn her craft into a side business! 😉


One thought on “What a Wonderful Weekend!

  1. Hurray for good times in NJ! 🙂

    I remember hitting 30 weeks and thinking, “Oh my god, this is it… it was 10s, then 20s, now 30s… there really isn’t a full set of 40s – just week 40 (maybe 41-42, 43 tops probably – and I ended up going in at 39 weeks!). So hitting 30 weeks felt so huge to me.

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