Change is Good, Change is Good …

Random photo from my walk tonight --- luck?! šŸ™‚

While our office is being completely renovated over the next three months, my 100+ co-workers and I have relocated to a new building just down the street that is well … let’s just say VERY different from our original space. I won’t go into the details, since it’s not really relevant to my blog, but one thing that IS relevant is how exposed we all are in this new space.

We’re sitting out in the open, in very close quarters, without the protection of our office walls. This means every time we speak on the phone, open a bag of pretzels, or get up to go to the bathroom is suddenly on display. And I have to admit, it’s weird! Some of my readers can attest to this. šŸ˜‰

If anything, I think this will definitely cut back on mindless eating at work, because I won’t want to look like a piggy … previously, I could nosh all day if I wanted to, and no one would see me. Now, it’s like HELLO there she is!

Another complication about this new office is the bathroom is REALLY far from me, which is not going to be convenient the further along in my pregnancy I am … as it is, I need to hit the ladies’ room constantly now … ugh.

The funny part about this move is we’re due back in our original (but renovated) office at the end of December — I’m due December 19. So basically I’m stuck here til my maternity leave begins!

Still, I have to remind myself, change is good …change is good. A change of scenery has its pluses — like lots of extra built-in exercise. Our office is now one floor and huuuuge so there’s plenty of additional foot traffic. The bathroom is far, so that means extra walking. and the parking lot is super-far away and requires badge access at multiple check-points, which translates to extra exercise.

I’m also thinking, given how complicated getting in and out of the parking lot and building is, I won’t be as tempted to go out at lunch-time –which means I’ll need to be diligent about remembering lunch. I might even save some $$ since I won’t be able to run errands easily anymore at lunch. šŸ˜‰

All in all, change is good. Really, it is. Just remind me of this in three months when I’m waddling around this place miserable!

PS–Today began my third trimester. Holy smokes!! She’s been kicking lots and sometimes even wakes me up in the middle of the night with her movements. I’ve always been a light sleeper — I can hear Rocco in the midst of his doggy-dreams and rush out to check on him!! — and now, it’s even worse — and set to get even more difficult. I wonder if it’s that she’s hungry and preparing for feeding times? I mean, I’m not going to eat at 3 a.m. because she kicks me, but I wonder if that will be one of her feeding times?! Wacky!


6 thoughts on “Change is Good, Change is Good …

  1. I can attest. šŸ™‚ I also found it just odd in general to eat while everyone could watch. I felt a bit insecure even though it was my norm.

    Also, change IS good. Thanks for the reminder (and all the love… all the time).

  2. I was always a fairly light sleep – not ridiculously so, but I couldn’t sleep through someone crawling into bed after I was asleep. Now? I can’t sleep through someone breathing. lol Every time Nate stirred, I woke up. We just transitioned him to sleeping in his crib a week ago and it’s been great to get more sleep. I’ve only slept through the night once, but at least I’m only waking up once or twice and I’m tending to just stir instead of jolting awake like, “What was that??”

    It was a sad realization for me that I will not sleep well again for maybe two decades. lol

  3. I’m a really light sleeper too. One thing I highly recommend for when your baby comes is LOTS of white noise — both for her and for you! My little guy slept in our room for a few months, and having a loud fan running all night helped both of us. I wasn’t waking up every time he stirred (but I could still here him cry), and he wasn’t waking up every time the house creaked!

    We still use white noise in his room at 14 months!

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