Sitting in Silence

One of the best things about my pregnancy thus far (and something I couldn’t understand or relate to until now) is that I really only feel Baby Girl move and/or kick when I’m sitting in silence, focused on the sensations in my belly.

Which means I’m finding a lot more reasons to just lounge at home, instead of rushing to do something else: it can wait.

I also love when my  husband just lays next to me with his hand on my tummy, waiting for some movement. I’m really in the moment when I’m sitting in silence like that; waiting and enjoying the flutterflies and sporadic kicks.

This pregnancy is calming me in ways I never would have dreamed.  (Of course, the beginning was horribly scary and rocky, and I have more tests tomorrow … but for the  most part, it’s been wonderful!).

Along those lines of sitting in silence … I’ve posted here about attempting yoga again after a few years’ hiatus, and how I didn’t quite love it, though I’d wanted to.

I mean, I know all the benefits of yoga … I’ve just always felt like it’s not for me, and trying it reaffirmed it (I’ve done hatha and vinyasa classes, and I realize that’s not a good sampling but it was enough for me).

That said, I’m considering taking prenatal yoga classes with a friend at work who is due just a few weeks after me.

My reasons are quite obvious: yoga encourages you to be in the here and now, and prenatal yoga classes, in particular, are touted for keeping women limber during pregnancy, when all your muscles are stretching and contorting like crazy; improves balance and circulation; helps tone muscles; etc.

And obviously there are mental benefits, too, which supposedly help during the birthing process. Lord knows I could use all the help in the world!

So…I’m in! The next round of prenatal classes start in September so I’ll keep you posted!

How about you? Are you into yoga?


3 thoughts on “Sitting in Silence

  1. yep! I never was before this summer. always thought my time was better spent sweating it out running around outside or doing weights or doing a machine. but once you give a few go’s, you realize how great it is to just STRETCH. and how much your body loves you for just taking a few minutes to focus on breathing and the body in a very basic way. it’s a gift to yourself! I like to think of the poses as pushing yourself JUST to being uncomfortable and then immediately getting rewarded with child’s pose of downward dog. And then the corpse pose at the end is the greatest reward of all – it’s naptime for adults! truly good for the body and soul.


  2. I got into yoga about 8 months ago and kicking myself I waited so long. I was always a gym rat–running, spinning, weights, etc and yoga seemed so boring and unproductive. Well an injury forced me to step back from my normal routine. I took an “intro to yoga” 2 hour workshop and told myself I would try it a few times a week for two weeks. I was hooked. I have seen significant changes in my body and mind from yoga. I crave it now.

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