Friday Night Musings

The past few days have been quite monumental.

1) I’ve developed an official baby bump. (And it’s kind of cute, if I do say so myself! ;))

2) I’m more comfortable talking about my pregnancy now that I’m showing, but more so now that that the bulk of our testing is behind us (we still have the fetal echo on August 10 … but I am feeling good about it — at least, I’m thinking positively about how it will go!).

3) The flutters I’ve been feeling for about two weeks have been incredible, only to be topped by a first official kick last night around midnight. It threw me for a loop because it really felt like a poke … then nothing … then another poke. Today she’s been moving around quite a bit, and it’s comforting … especially since I won’t “see” her til 8/10. I haven’t been able to sit quietly yet tonight, but when I am rested/quiet, that’s when she seems to be the most active.

(Mommy friends have told me this is typical; baby rests as mama moves/lulls her to sleep. Then when mama rests, baby gets her groove on. Right now she’s still pretty small — not even a pound. But she’s moving!)

Along with all these good things, naturally, have been some negative (normal) side effects.

-My back feels a little pinched in the lower region, which makes sitting uncomfortable at times.

-My stomach feels full all the time … (TMI) nature doesn’t work so well when pregnant, and it’s quite uncomfortable 😦 Yet I keep eating … not necessarily “over” eating … but a little mindless noshing.

-My waist (which is long gone) is pretty hard and thick — which sounds weird, but if you tried to hug my waist you’d know what I mean. It’s not painful, but is an odd sensation.

-My feet are swollen — but then on top of that, they hurt from this awful dry, cracked skin I get every summer on the bottoms of my feet and, being pregnant, I can’t have the steroid cream the doctor usually gives me — so I’ve not been able to work out much since frankly just walking hurts. I’ve been using Aquaphor to moisturize them but it’s quite painful as they heal; you WALK on your feet … it’s not like I can sit and lay all day 😦 So they’re not getting 100% better though coating my feet with Aquaphor and sleeping with socks has helped some.

-I’ve had to retire my cute heels and wedges and am donning flip-flops (which I LOATHE; just not a fan!) and am thinking my whole fall shoe wardrobe is going to be low flats.

-Tonight I tried to go for a jog after we went out for my husband’s MBA happy hour … and the motion made me have to pee and bothered my belly. So instead, I power-walked, which ended up being an awesome workout — and figured it’s good leg toning. It was a good lesson to me that anything is better than nothing … and that as time goes on throughout my pregnancy, I might need to make other similar “concessions” — and it’s soooo not the end of the world!

So a monumental week for sure (oh–and Rocco got neutered–talk about ironic, being pregnant and bringing your pup to be fixed!). I’m glad it’s Friday and since it was a very unrestful week, I’m hoping to just veg out as much as possible this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS–It’s crazy to me that on Monday, Baby Girl will be half-baked!!! (i.e., 20 weeks).


5 thoughts on “Friday Night Musings

  1. Kicks are the best “everything is okay” reassurance after the sonograms. And I think my favorite pregnancy moment was when Tom felt a kick for the first time. I tear up now just thinking about it.

    Embrace the comfy shoes. My feet didn’t swell until the last week or two, but my arches ached from the 1st trimester so I had to buy new shoes anywhere. I wore them so much that I never ever want to put them on again. LOL

    1. AWW!!! So sweet!

      DH keeps trying to feel but so far it’s really faint … in a couple weeks though, I think he’ll be able to 🙂

      Thanks! LOL — I hate flats!!

  2. Feeling the baby move is the best. I loved every kick (well, except the ones directly on my bladder – those hurt!). Sometimes I swear I still feel phantom kicks. 🙂

    Try not to panic too much if she’s active one day, quiet the next. I am a worrier and I was so anxious on those quiet days! The movement didn’t get really consistent until 26 weeks or so. During the third trimester my son never stopped moving! I loved it, but now that he’s 1, I’m paying for it. 🙂

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I’m feeling phantom movement myself even now! Like, is this for real!? 🙂 Thanks for the comforting words — I definitely have had days with less movement (today being one) but like you said, I’m trying not to worry TOO much 😉

      LOL about your son!

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