Food Coma + No Formal Exercise = Ugh

<–This is how big my little girl apparently is at this point in my pregnancy (19 weeks on Monday).

Hard to believe it!! It’s kind of funny how they compare baby size to fruit, but it does help put things into perspective.

I hope you all had a great weekend — I sure did!! I co-hosted a bridal shower for a friend, then my husband and I (and his BFF who is visiting for the week) went to dinner with friends, and then today I went outlet shopping with another friend who is expecting …

Unfortunately, I am not feeling well, and it’s not from the pregnancy. This weekend I overate and got no formal exercise. I was on my feet a ton — party-prepping, moving around … but I ate much more than I needed to (and wayyyy too much sugar) and my stomach is killing me.

Exercise always makes me feel good, but my energy is nil right now and since my stomach is hurting so badly, there’s not a shot in hell of me going for a run — even though it’s crisp and gorgeous tonight. Perhaps a walk with the boys (hubby, BFF and Rocco) but for now … just lounging on the couch watching a DVRed episode of Bethenny Getting Married. What can I say, I’m obsessed!

I think the only thing that will help is sleeping this off. <<Sigh>>

Tomorrow’s a new day. Hope everyone has a great one!


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