Random Round-Up of Ramblings

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was awesome — beginning with seeing Inception, which was absolutely mind-blowing, bewildering and excellent. I didn’t get about 90% of it during the movie, but after, caught on 😉 Definitely a confusing plot and subplot(s).

It was a weekend filled with hubby-time, friend-time, parties, impromptu dates, and puppy-time 🙂 Overall, feeling great!

A couple things to report in today’s totally random post.

First of all, I was soooo touched to see fellow WeAretheRealDeal contributor and blogging buddy Candice’s blog post today where she names my blog among her top five Blogs with Substance.

“Lissa is one of my fellow bloggers at We Are The Real Deal (well, okay, she blogs there a zillion times more frequently than I do) and I love seeing what she has to say on both of those sites and Twitter.  She and her husband recently adopted an adorable puppy named Rocco . . . and she also recently announced her pregnancy!  For those of us who have struggled with food issues, pregnancy can be a nervous time.  I love reading her thoughts about the experience; it always makes me think even more about my own experiences (a trait of a great blogger).”

Candice, I am so touched–and love reading your blog, especially about your adventures with Nate!! 🙂 Thank you for this tremendous honor!!
Second, as I mentioned last week, I was interviewed by a Columbia University master’s student for her thesis on disordered eating/eating disorders and pregnancy. It was a wonderful interview and I wish the student the best of luck and can’t wait to hear what she discovers in her research.
Of all the things I said to her during the half hour we spoke, this was my key take-away to those women who are recovering/have recovered and are considering taking the plunge.
“Until you are willing to fully and completely surrender your body to your child, you are not ready to become pregnant.”
Wow, that was really me speaking those words … and the coolest part? I totally believe it. I realize it sounds harsh, but truly, this is the most selfless thing someone can do: give life to another. And not just give–but sustain, nourish, and flourish!
But if you’re not willing to put aside your own body image issues (and I’m not saying it will be easy; my body hasn’t changed that much yet — talk to me in four months!), and you are willing to accept it all … then by all means, if you can … go for it!
(Of course, being pregnant is not a prerequisite to become a mother and if someone cannot conceive for whatever reason or wishes to have children but can’t get past their own body image issues, then there are lots of other options out there).
As of today, I’m 18 weeks along, and baby H is the size of a sweet potato. She’s nearly half-baked! 😉 Which is kind of mind-blowing. I think I’m feeling flutters, but I’m not sure if it’s in my head or not, but my husband keeps trying to feel for kicks and so far, no dice. But soon enough, we hope!
And finally, as I sit here blogging from our favorite coffee shop, I just shared the most delicious and delightful peach-blueberry bar with my other half and let me tell you — it was positively DIVINE.
What really gets me feeling good is that a year or two ago, I might have stared at him eating it longingly, wishing for a bite but being afraid of how many calories were in it, what it was made with …  but now? Bring. it. on. I had a couple bites and was completely satisfied.
For the past six months or so, especially, I’ve felt like I know what to do, how to do it — I think I just needed to learn to trust myself. I also needed to realize my biggest fear is completely unfounded; I’m never going to be the kind of girl who loses all control; I’m just not. It’s not in my DNA.
And that realization — that I’m trusting myself (and subsequently enjoying life more)– means more to me than you could ever know.
How about you? What are some of the blogs with substance that you love and why?

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