Happy 4th of July!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m more or less obsessed with cupcakes (a treat I wouldn’t TOUCH 3 years ago, mind you!)

And while I don’t particularly care for the cake aspect of said delights, I’m ridiculously in love with frosting. Of all kinds. Any kind. And the more decorations/chunks/stuff on top, the better.

Hubby and I can easily share a piece of cake: I take all the frosting, he takes all the cake. SCORE!

Anyway, Crumbs cupcakes  are my absolute favorite. Whenever I go home to N.J. (or visit NYC) I HAVE to have a Crumbs cupcake (or two or three … all shared of course since they are GINORMOUS! ;)) It’s all about the moderation factor, right?

Well, in honor of the 4th of July coming up, Crumbs has outdone themselves yet again (seriously, each special flavor just tops the next in terms of how grotesquely delicious and food porn-ish it is!).

Just read this description and let the drool fall out 😉 … though even reading it gives me a cavity and makes my insulin spike!

The Cupcake of the Week is Fireworks! It’s vanilla cake with red, white and blue sprinkles baked into the cake, filled with vanilla buttercream, frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting, covered with red, white and blue sprinkles and drizzled with white chocolate.


Basically, this is a modified version of their Good Guy, probably my fave cupcake.

Well, I’m throwing my husband a Happy 32nd Birthday/Happy Citizenship party next weekend  and am going to do my best to recreate these cupcakes … though of course they will be modified a ton since 1) I suck at baking and 2) I wouldn’t know where to begin with how to fill cupcakes!

Crumbs does ship their baked goods, but it’s ridiculously expensive … so for the time being, I’ll enjoy this food porn until the next time I can go home and indulge.

Hope you have a safe, happy and healthy 4th of July holiday weekend! I’ll be back next week and thanks again for all the well-wishes!! It means so much to me!


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