Jump In …

This weekend we took little Rocco (who is 15 weeks old today and getting soooo big!) to South Haven, a beach town along Lake Michigan, for his first sand and surf outing.

He was a little bit hesitant at first to dip a paw in the water … but then he got confident and put a few paws in … and before you know it, he was frolicking and splashing us and trying to eat the waves! It was a hoot and we definitely laughed a lot.

Watching our little puppy play along the shores of Lake Michigan for the first time this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics I love so much by Frou Frou, “Let go, let go … jump in … well, whatcha waiting for? It’s alright … cauz there’s beauty in the breakdown …”

Truly, he had to “let go” and “jump in.”

I blogged about my passion for the lyrics here a while ago, but they ring ever true today … Like Rocco on the shoreline, I’m in a period of my life where, literally, I have to jump in and swim.

There’s no standing on the shorelines or being tentative. There’s that vast lake ahead, and swimming is the only way to go.

Oh course, this analogy will all make sense once I can share what’s been going on, but basically, I’m seeing beauty in the breakdown.

And it feels pretty dang good.

How about you? Is there a challenge you’ve been putting off? Do you need an external nudge to get off the shoreline?


4 thoughts on “Jump In …

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I totally need a nudge. Been considering not just a career change but also a change of scenery, as in a big ‘ol move. I’m scared to death but part of me wants to just do it. I gotta get off the shoreline…

  2. My challenge is trying to put myself out there more as a person. I tend to hide behind my journalist facade so I won’t have to let people see the real Silly Girl. So far, I’m sitting on the dock with my feet in the water.

  3. This is so resonating for me. Four years ago I was struggling with confronting my disordered eating issues. My husband and I were on vacation in New Hampshire and it was unseasonably cold. My husband tried to coax me to wade in the creekbed of ice cold water. A mother and her young children watched as a I finally, literally took the plunge and as I did they clapped and cheered. In retelling this story to a friend who was aware of my personal struggles, the analogy was made–seeking help with my ED habits was much like jumping in that water, and when I decided to do it, the cheers might not be literal, but they would be there.
    I’m now again facing a “jump in the water” moment, much bigger than 4-years past. It’s terrifying, life altering. The unknown frightens me.
    Melissa, I don’t know what you’re going through right now specifically, but feel it in your words. You’re in my thoughts.

  4. Puppy Rocco is so CUTE!

    As for nudging, I’m finally doing it. I’m going beyond blogging and entering the REAL world of freelance writing. I got a small taste of it and I’ve decided it’s for me. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me – but I will always be a Yum Yucky. 🙂

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