So Sunday’s tumble with Rocco resulted in me going to urgent care last night and getting checked out.

It seems I sprained my lower back when I fell … and I’m pretty bruised up.  Turns out I was VERY lucky I didn’t land on my butt or I might have hurt a disc, the doctor told me. <<Sigh>>.

Needless to say, between not feeling up to par the past two weeks and then this, my exercise has been absolutely bare-bones … but right now, I need to take care of myself and just recognize that this, too, shall pass. It always does.

The doctor gave me some exercises to do and a script for a muscle relaxer but this is definitely NOT how I wanted to be feeling in the spring, of all times of the year!!

Hoping in a week or two, I’ll be able to do more than walk!!!


2 thoughts on “OWWWWWWW

  1. Oh no! That does not sound like a fun night at all. So sorry you’re injured. Can you mix the muscle relaxers with wine? 😉 That would have you feeling better in no time 🙂

  2. Another challenge to overcome! Onwards and upwards!

    I pulled a back muscle getting out of my wife’s car. Ouch.

    Love the subject line. 🙂

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