FOOD on the Brain!

Thursday I am heading home to N.J. for a family reunion that has been in the works for months.

My brother just returned to California after his year in Korea, and we’re all meeting up at home in N.J.

To say I seriously cannot wait is a huge understatement; we’ve not all been together since last April! I’m ridiculously close to my family and hate that we all live so far apart. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without them …

Anyway, my husband arrives Friday night and then we’re having a big family party Saturday for my bro before we head back Sunday. I just want to soak it all in.

Aside from seeing my family, I can’t wait to EAT. Home (to me and my family) is as much about each other as it is about the food. We’re very big into sitting in the kitchen all day just talking and noshing and planning our next meal. It’s somewhat of a family joke, but it’s true!

I can’t wait for the bounty of salt bagels, pizza (Chicago-style GROSSES this Jersey girl out — real NY-style pizza must be blotted, folded, and savored preferably with chunky tomato sauce dripping down your chin), and Mom’s home-cooking — meatballs and sauce; sausage and peppers; baked ziti … an Italian extravaganza.

(My Sicilian grandfather used to tell my mom (his daughter-in-law), “For a Jewish woman, you sure make good Italian, Sue!” And she does. Oh my LORD she does.)

Looking at that list, you might notice there’s nothing particularly healthy or low-Points on the weekend’s menu .. and you’d be right. But you only live once, and I go home maybe 3-4 times a year … so my trick for making visits home as pleasurable as they were before my WW-days when I’d stuff myself senseless?

Small portions of everything I want. That way I eat and enjoy — and don’t feel deprived — but don’t go overboard, either. And I usually have my dad freeze some stuff for us to take back to Michigan 😉

Anyway, I’m psyched about this upcoming weekend and can’t really think of much else right now … so please bear with me!! Rocco is staying with dear friends of ours, and he will be missed for sure!! Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will have some presents for us to take back to their grandpup?! 🙂

How about you? If you live far from your family, how do you handle visits home and all the foods that are a taste of home?


2 thoughts on “FOOD on the Brain!

  1. I’m originally from New Mexico and now live in Michigan. I haven’t been back home since 1998 when my Grandpa passed away and I moved my mom to MI. But I can tell you how much I love NM food!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! When my sister (who still lives in NM) comes to visit us, I make her bring green chilies and I make her make red enchiladas with a fried egg on top! Yummo!!!! I can’t wait till she comes to visit us in June! Enjoying small portions of the things you love is the way to go! That’s what I plan on doing too!

  2. I live in Africa and eat crap, so when I went back to the States for Christmas after 15 months here, all I wanted to do was eat! I did sensible portions of most things with a few noticable failures (I think I went through a Costco three-pack of Honey Nut Cheerios in two weeks) but because I knew I would be obsessing about weight and health, I got a two weeks gym membership and went every day. It felt fun and not like a chore because I had not been in a gym since I´d left and was amazed at how FUN it could be, and then I didn´t have to worry as much about eating all the stuff I wanted!

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