An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain

Not my fortune but I love it!

I have absolutely NO desire to exercise right now.

Who am I?!

I feel exhausted, tired, sleep-deprived, drained.

I’m not sure if it’s the grueling puppy-schedule-situation or what but I also feel no guilt associated with not (formally) exercising since last Thursday.

And for me to take three (potentially four, if I don’t make it tonight) days off without any guilt is seriously unheard of!

Due to a myriad of fun plans (yea!)  I couldn’t hit the gym — physically couldn’t get there during operating hours — and then the one time I could go (and even planned to go — Sunday) I opted to stay home with my husband and Rocco before heading to a friend’s baby shower. Yea, you heard me. I CHOSE to stay home. CHOSE to not exercise.

Who is this alien life form inside my brain!??!

It can only mean one of three things:

1) I’m burned out and just need a week off.
2) I’m getting sick (I honestly don’t feel well).
3) I’m finally realizing that, hey, it’s OK to just “be” sometimes.

My instinct tells me it might be a combination of the three, but regardless of the “why” — it’s quite freeing to feel no guilt associated with what I’d typically chastise myself for being (i.e., “lazy”). The thing is, I know myself … and I’m anything but lazy. One week off (for me) would not set a negative tone. For someone like me, it’s probably a healthy break.

So if I need these few days — or even a week — for me … so be it.

As a chronic over-exerciser (mostly in the past, but even today I still sometimes push myself when I really shouldn’t) this was really mind-blowing to genuinely feel no remorse or regret.

In fact, I’m looking forward to tonight — taking Rocco to the vet for the first time, and spending some time with my husband, who heads back to school tomorrow after a little break.

Something tells me I just need to be listening to my body right now. And I don’t feel like talking back.

How about you? Do you ever feel this way? And does the lack of guilt ever surprise you?


10 thoughts on “An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain

  1. I ilke to be active and workout but am happy I am now at a place where I feel NO guilt if I miss workouts. I actually find I have much better results when I take adequate rest days.

    1. Lara, I think maybe I’m embracing that healthy approach as well. I get so hung up on the fact that I MUST work out every day, but even the days I haven’t formally exercised, I’m still active. And frankly, it’s felt wonderful. I think tonight maybe I’ll give it a shot but really, it’s been a nice break.

  2. Because I’ve been training, I feel like crap if I miss a run because I’m so close to the goal. Its become part of me and I do love it but I know the pace has to slow down and besides the having to pay more attention to what I eat, I doubt I’ll feel much guilt. We shall see. 😉

    Yay for you!

    1. Thanks Staci. I hope after your race this weekend you can be a little relaxed about it, too–without guilt! People like us aren’t lazy; if we choose to rest it could only be good for us.

  3. we are pretty similar with never missing a workout. my first instinct is to feel guilt, but once in a while, when it is a conscious and guilt-free decision, it does feel good.

  4. Yup, sometimes, even though I usually enjoy going to the gym, I just feel like I’m dreading it, and then I remember wait a minute, I don’t HAVE to go its something I do for fun. And if it’s not fun, I shouldn’t go. So I don’t. after I take a break, I usually feel better. Most often its cuz I was starting to feel under the weather or something.

  5. Like I said on FB, the EXACT same thing happened to me at 35 weeks. I went straight to triage and they hooked me up to monitors, telling me that it would probably be 4 hours before I got to go home. However, I “failed” the contraction test, so I had to stay there for 24 hours (without food, in case they had to do an emergency C-section). Luckily, everything was fine, and he stayed in there for another 2 weeks — just in time for his lungs to develop! I, too, got to have a nice tour of L&D so I knew what to expect.

    So glad everything is OK, and you did the right thing!

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