Clean & Calm

Rocco plays soccer just like Daddy!Today has been a virtually pure “clean-eating” day … and I feel great about it.

I even obeyed my hunger and had a plain 2% Fage Greek yogurt at 2, even though it hadn’t been part of my day’s plan. I knew it’d be a better choice than running out and going in for a Diet Coke and coming out with said Diet Coke plus Chex mix I’d just toss.

To indulge my sweet tooth, I had a little dark chocolate Dove Promise (thanks, S., for having them at the bottom of your candy dish!) and it totally hit the spot. I let it melt in my mouth and savored the flavor. (What is it about women and dark chocolate?! )

I say it’s amazing that I still have so many Points left for dinner … but really, I shouldn’t be surprised.

If I would always make good choices during the day (i.e., not give into impulse buys, etc.) I’d have plenty of Points to eat real food, and enjoy it. Real food isn’t wasted calories. Real food is filling and nutritious. Especially after watching Food, Inc. last night (it’s free until tonight at midnight — click here to watch!)

I feel calm … I don’t know if it can all be attributed to Rocco or not, but I do feel relatively calm for the most part. I’ve still had some mishaps I haven’t blogged about where I buy junk I don’t need … but it’s been less so now than before. And when he’s in my arms … I just feel content.

This week has also been particularly nice because my husband has been off from school, so we’ve actually been able to bond and spend some time together and acclimate to having Rocco in our lives. I love watching him with Rocco; it’s adorable!

How about you? Do you feel more fulfilled when you’re choosing clean, wholesome foods?


3 thoughts on “Clean & Calm

  1. Yes, yes! As you know I go back to intuitive eating and calorie counting. When I REALLY make myself stick to real foods with minimal snacking, I find that intuitive eating becomes so much easier! Since the weather has gotten warmer, I have rediscovered giant salads. I always forget how much they fill me up and how good they make me feel!

  2. I’ve been reading for a while now but this is my first time commenting. This is a wonderful blog!

    I deifinitely feel more fulfilled when I’m choosing clean, wholesome foods. Last summer I was eating clean and feeling great. Then I had some surgery, had to stop exercising, and my food started slipping, and then everything went to hell. I’ve been in a tailspin ever since and am trying to get back on the wagon. I still have such a good memory of where I was, it’s a strong incentive to get back there. Everything feels better (and easier) when I’m eating clean.

  3. I definitely feel more fulfilled and grounded when eating clean, nourishing food. I love special treats and indulgences just as much as the next person (maybe more, wicked sweet tooth) but I feel my best when most of my eats are healthy and appropriate quantities–not too much but not too little either.

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