Walking Lunches = Sanity

One of the best things about where I work (and there are many; I feel very fortunate) is that we have a kick-ass wellness plan and a lot of healthy-minded employees.

A bunch of us gals set out last summer to walk each day at lunch, and we had such a great time that we’re doing it again this spring/summer. We start on Monday, and I can’t wait!

This is a welcome bonus for me because right before lunch is always my toughest time of the day — when I’m out running errands and such is when I tend to put stuff into my basket or cart I didn’t need … and end up with junk in the trunk as well.

And I love having an ample boo-tay, but let’s be real — there’s a little too much junk going on right now.

I feel weak and well, just tend to NOT flex my resistance muscles at those moments. And it shows.

But walking at lunch forces me to always have my lunch packed — which means no more lunch-time visits to my deli guy who knows my order before I walk up to the counter — and will stop me from impulse buys, a behavioral change I really, really struggle with making but absolutely need to — because it’s what is standing in the way of the body I could have (and had) and the body I do have (and wish to change).

Change doesn’t happen overnight though, and I’m the Queen of Self-Sabatoge. Hence, since 100% of this is mental, I know my head is what needs fixing and nothing else.

So having a commitment every day at lunch will be a really big help to me … and if things work out with the puppy (say a prayer!) I’ll have something new to focus on — and it might even inspire me to go back to early A.M. workouts vs. evening workouts, which I’ve been doing lately (due to hubby’s schedule).

We shall see … but I’m very excited for our program to begin next week!

How about you? Do you do a walking group or something similar with your colleagues?


2 thoughts on “Walking Lunches = Sanity

  1. i run with a coworker. today she didn’t bring the right bra so we had to walk. I really like to get out for some fresh air as a break. Definitely helps keep me sane!

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