Numbers and Numbers

Today I had my wellness exam at work and I concluded one thing that should be obvious but, given my track record, isn’t glaringly so:

Sometimes what’s going on inside our bodies matters much more than how they look on the outside.

I’ve apparently been doing something right, even if I’m not losing any of the weight I’d like to lose, as my wellness exam went incredibly well.

All my numbers were excellent:  a super-low resting heart rate, *awesome* cholesterol, super-low blood pressure, super-low blood sugar, and my waist-to-hip ratio is under 0.8 (i.e., desirable!).

Interestingly, my weight was actually the same as last year … which kinda surprised me since I keep saying “I’ve gained” but really, I’ve been this weight range for a while now.

The only thing that preoccupies me is the number on the scale and inside the tag of my pants (not dresses; I’m still happy with my dress size but pants … that’s where I struggle, just like before I lost weight years ago).

I know in my heart I have 10-15 lbs to lose to be where my body feels its best and to get myself to a “normal” BMI vs. “overweight.”

( I know we shouldn’t take  stock in BMI as the be-all-end-all, but it IS a barometer and I know I need to get my weight down).

But it is wonderful to know that so many good things are happening inside my body … and that motivates me to take better care of myself.

Also, the wellness assessment lady told me it’s wonderful I managed to keep off half for the five or so years I have … most people gain it ALL back and then some. So that felt good.

All in all, it was a great assessment and has motivated me for the future.


9 thoughts on “Numbers and Numbers

  1. I really liked this post because I do feel like, as a society, we’re so obsessed with the external, with too little concern with what’s inside. I always ask my doctor to send me my annual physical results, so I can see the numbers. It makes me feel good to see that I’m healthy and strong. My sister is a thin woman, but she eats terribly (fried everything, lots of white flour, sugar, etc), and I always wonder if it will affect her cholesterol. It’s so great that you had such great results. It goes to show how well you’re taking care of yourself 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Remember it’s not about the numbers, but you’re overall health and you’re obviously doing so well that that extra weight will come off s long as you focus on you 🙂

  3. Lissa that is a great thing to recognize. I often forget how much my doctor compliments my numbers when my weight is going up.

    You are doing something right even if the scale doesn’t agree.

  4. You so totally rock! I think you’re right on – we can’t always focus on the external or those numbers on the scale. Its what’s on the inside that counts. How true is that?!

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