Hi everyone, just a quick post this AM but I wanted to just clarify a few things for those who don’t read the comments.

In my last post I was talking about my still-tenuous relationship with food and how it very much is relevant to how I’m feeling in other areas of my life. I was saying how when I’m eating cleaner, I feel better and happier and want to take care of myself. And when I’m eating crappy, it’s likely because I feel crappy on the inside.

Many of you said “but it’s not about the food” … and I respectfully disagree. Right or wrong, I recognize I use food as a barometer — subconsciously. When I’m nourishing myself and using food as fuel vs. an emotional crutch, I feel great.

(Steph recently addressed her relationship with food at Noshtopia and I hope to someday be where she is).

Yesterday, for example, I had a wonderful day. I felt CALM (even though no workout was on the agenda!). Truly, after the post, after getting it all out there … I actually felt calm.

I went out for lunch with my girlfriends at Panera, enjoyed an unplanned latte that our client brought the team, and had a date night with my husband where we had dessert (ice cream) FIRST and then dinner at Epic Bistro, a restaurant I went to for girls’ night one night and loved, but that he’d never been to!

We had a lovely night — we had crusty whole grain bread to start … got salads for greens … and wood-fired pizzas for dinner (lots of leftovers — forgot how big their pizzas are!) But I ate slowly and enjoyed it 100%. It felt special. It felt decadent. I stopped at two thin-crust slices (chicken, tomato, mozz. — DELISH!) because I was genuinely stuffed. And that was A-OK. My husband didn’t say anything (he knows better than to call attention to it) but I know he noticed “Wow, Melissa ordered pizza, her choice!” Once again, it felt “normal.”

My sugar intake — aside from the ice cream — was minimal. And because I didn’t nosh all day, I felt totally comfortable with enjoying it.

I also wanted to clarify that I have no intent to cut down my apple (or any fruit) intake — I LOVE FRUIT. As a kid, I was the kid who would trade a snack for someone’s apple or whatnot (after I already had my own!). An apple is my ideal dessert — it cleanses the palate, is high in fiber, and cleans your teeth, too 🙂

I just meant I eat a LOT of fruit — which, yes, is natural sugar — but coupled with all the crap I have been eating … it’s TOO MUCH. So I’m not going to cut back on fruit, but need to be more cognizant about the OTHER stuff.

Anyway, hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. it’s great that getting the post off your chest was therapeutic. that is one of the things that’s so awesome about blogging.

    i love that you had dessert first!!!

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. I’m so glad we got that whole sugar thing with the AHA standards clear because seriously it has helped me so much with the sugar intake. Cutting back on the sugar has made me even more conscious about how I use sugar as an emotional substitute for the lack of emotional/spiritual sweetness I feel in my life particularly around love.

    I’m coming to see that it’s about the process, the learning. Food, emotions, connections, people, places, things, are all part of the healing process to get us to the point where we can have a healthier relationship with our bodies, food, others, and ourselves. It’s all connected together.

    I enjoy that you are focusing on patience and self kindness in this journey of yours. There will be the good days with the bad days and that’s ok. It’s all meant to get us to our higher good 🙂

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