Jennifer Hudson: Focusing on HEALTH, not weight … for Weight Watchers

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[Disclaimer: I’ve been on Weight Watchers the past 6 years and whole-heartedly support the program for teaching me portion control and about making better choices. Though my obsession with food and exercise did begin after joining, I don’t fault WW, but rather my own personality traits that led me down a disordered path].

Beautiful and talented Jennifer Hudson, with pipes we could only dream of having, is the new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers!

I have to say, I’m really impressed with the choice of Jennifer — and even moreso encouraged by how she’s handling her role as pitch-woman.

Because although Jennifer is noticeably thinner and more toned now than we’ve ever seen her before, her focus is on HEALTH, not weight.

And to prove she isn’t paying lip service to the “health” message so often tossed around, she isn’t discussing how much weight she lost — AT ALL.

No numbers, period.

Yup, you heard me right: she isn’t discussing how much weight she lost.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is seriously unheard of when it comes to weight-loss programs with celebrity endorsements! Usually somewhere along the line it comes out. (Maybe Queen Latifah is the exception? Not sure).

Jennifer says she signed on because she wanted to take control of her health. “I decided to try Weight Watchers because I wanted to make healthy changes, and I needed a plan that would fit in with my busy life,” she said.

Without coming out and saying it, I think we can infer that, given the tragedies this woman has faced, she wanted to take control of the one thing she actually could control — her health and well-being.

And I applaud her for it.

I also applaud her because, unlike a lot of other celebrities, she isn’t showing off her new body in a bikini (though she’d have every right to if she wanted to) or objectifying herself as a sex symbol.

Instead, though she looks amazing, she seems to be using her voice to empower women to take control of their health — with a focus on balance (i.e., not obsession with weight, numbers, Points, etc.).

And I think that’s a mission we can all support.

Because really, what woman doesn’t deserve the opportunity — or encouragement — to take control of her health?

I say, if Jennifer can inspire even one woman to take that step to get healthier for her family and her future …then she’s done her job. Time will tell!

How about you? What do you think of Jennifer’s new role as pitch woman for Weight Watchers? Is it just hype, or do you think she can encourage women to take control of their health? Finally, in this weight-obsessed society, were you surprised she isn’t discussing how much weight she lost? We welcome your comments.


4 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson: Focusing on HEALTH, not weight … for Weight Watchers

  1. I love that she’s making it about her health and not gloating at how much she lost. It truly shows she is working on being more healthy and not just skinny.

  2. I love this – love that she’s doing this for herself, but not to tout how many pounds she lost or whatever, but to tout how much HEALTHIER and more energized she is. It’s the exact right message, something that more and more often we need to hear as a society, especially us women who overanalyze and overthink everything! Great post, great message, as usual. 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing this, melissa. it’s really great that a spokesperson is focusing on health, not what size she is wearing or the numbers on the scale. let’s hope she sticks to that route.

  4. I really like Jennifer Hudson and like you, I’m glad they picked her to be a spokes person. The focus on Health is definitely MUCH mentally healthier and motivational than just numbers on a scale. 🙂 It’s a revolution!!

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