In Honor of Passover …

On Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating our exodus from Egypt, we ask: Why is this night different than all other nights?

While I didn’t attend a seder and am spending the holiday solo (with my hubby in class and my family hundreds of miles away) I tried to make tonight feel special and different, even though I wasn’t celebrating in the traditional sense.

To distinguish tonight from all other nights, I ate some matzo and whipped up a batch of matzo ball soup for dinner (which turned out lovely — I think the key to fluffy matzo balls is using EVOO and an extra egg white plus two eggs).

(Side note: I’d post a picture of my matzo ball soup but to be honest, the matzo balls came out HUGE and look very, um … well, let’s just say they are some huge mother-honking balls!)

But I promise, they were delicious! 🙂 Still, my mom’s are better; she uses her own stock. Lesson learned for next time.

Anyway, tonight I really missed my family — being together; the traditional meal — Mom’s brisket, roasted potatoes and asparagus Passover dinner — but I have them close in heart and just need to remember that. I feel blessed for so many reasons and tonight was as good a time as any to focus on that.

And I hope that next year, we can all be together – or at the very least, that my hubby won’t have class that night 🙂

Wishing you and yours a Happy Pesach! 🙂

PS–I don’t keep Kosher for Passover, but will abstain from pasta, bread products, etc. — and this includes Chex mix and pretzels !!!  In actuality, this is probably coming at a very good time!


3 thoughts on “In Honor of Passover …

  1. Great to hear about your family close to your heart. It’s hard for me to focus on that sometimes – I seem to only notice the physcial distance! Makes me want to take time out to think about my own blessings 🙂

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