Wow … Just WOW.

I just posted this at WeAretheRealDeal but wanted share it here too … I’m speechless. Positively speechless!! You can also read it after the jump.

Sometimes as bloggers we come across an article so powerful that any additional commentary is unnecessary … and in this case, I’m just about speechless.

Please read this article about an obese woman from New Jersey trying to become the “world’s fattest” and leave your thoughts in the comments.

To say I’m appalled is an understatement. Disgusted. Saddened. And sickened … especially by the last line:

“In order to pay for the enormous amounts of food she is eating ā€” her weekly grocery bill is $815 ā€” Ms Simpson makes money by running a website where men pay to watch her consume fast food.”

I don’t say this phrase often but WTF is this woman thinking?! And can anyone convince her to stop this ridiculous goal that could very well end up killing her as her risk for heart disease, diabetes, etc., increase exponentially?!!

How about you? What do you think about this piece?


10 thoughts on “Wow … Just WOW.

  1. oh my goodness I just read the article, this woman has a death wish. I have been through an overeating stage in the past, I know it can be a way to completely zone out of life, but to say that running after her child keeps her weight down as if it is a bad thing seems insane. i feel for this child. I really do, I wonder how they will go about teaching this child about nutrition and if they share their habits with their son or daughter, that makes me really sad. I just couldnt believe what I was reading.
    She should watch whats eating gilbert grape… i dont know if that sounds like Im joking, Im not though.. maybe it would show her through film how it affects the family and what her life would be like, not able to climb stairs, not able to drive, not able to enjoy many of lifes pleasures. I have been through a phase of complusive overeating during my eating disorder which I am still recovering from, I understand what it can be like to use food as a vice and become a zombie to dull other pain, but to actually have a goal to double your weight seems like a complete deathwish. I really am hoping this woman gets the help she needs

  2. WTF is right. I mean….why? I don’t get it – at all. Not that it would make it any better, but is she trying to “win” something? Like get in the Guiness Book of World Records? It’s very sad, indeed, that this is shortening her life – it’s almost like a suicide mission. šŸ˜¦

  3. Not only is she going to kill herself, but think of what she’s teaching her children… She’s beginning yet another generational obesity cycle. Her children will either become obese like her, or will end up in the other direction with an undereating issue. Either way, she’s teaching her children that an eating disorder is desirable. This is terrible!

  4. You know, I heard about this woman a little while ago when she was on the Tyra show, and I was completely stunned. Tyra asked her why she seemed to have a death wish, and the woman simply responded, “We all have to die sometime.” I simply don’t understand how someone could have such a skewed view of the world.

    On that same episode, they weighed this woman with an industrial scale used for zoo animals, and before she stepped on they asked her what she thought she weighed. She replied that she expected to be around 700 pounds, and when she ended up weighing well under that amount, she was seriously depressed. WTF is absolutely correct.

    I found out the other day that she has 2 children, one of which is a 3 year old, and that shocks me. There will never be a day where I comprehend this woman. It’s so sad.

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