Leaving on a Jet Plane …

Hi everyone! As you probably know (since it’s all I can talk about lately) we’re leaving for Korea tomorrow!! I am sooo excited to see my brother and his adopted city of Gunsan, and can’t wait for a whole week off work.

I’m fortunate to love my job — but c’mon, who doesn’t love vacation?! My last week-long+ va-k was for our wedding/honeymoon in 2006!

Plus, I’ll be disconnecting from social media, which is huge for me. I’ve become really dependent on it in my personal and professional lives, so it’ll be a challenge for sure.

I don’t want to say I won’t blog or go on Facebook or Twitter at all … but if I do, it’ll be sporadic at best. πŸ˜‰ We come back Sunday, March 7 … and I’ll probably post sometime that Monday or Tuesday so til then … have a safe, happy and healthy week and weekend!!



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