“No Gym for You!”

I love my husband to death, but he got me sick and we’re leaving for Korea in FOUR DAYS!

Sure, he’s feeling better (the boy literally keeps Tropicana and Florida’s Natural in business)but now I’m sick. –> NOT HAPPY.

I started feeling the sniffles toward the end of the weekend and tried to ignore it.

Then yesterday my head started pounding, my glands were swollen and my throat started hurting when I swallowed.

By last night at the gym, I was really struggling and feeling it in my chest, too … and I knew I needed to see a doctor and get some drugs.

Since I don’t get sick often, but tend to get sick when I fly (on my flight back from San Diego in November, I contracted H1N1, for any new readers who didn’t hear my whining back then) … I sure as hell wasn’t about to take any chances — not with a 13.5 hour flight ahead of us on Saturday!

So I went to the doctor at work today and she said my throat was super-red and my glands super-swollen. Turns out I have a pretty generic “virus.” The doctor prescribed a Z-pak and a nasal spray.

She didn’t tell me to rest, but I know myself and know that given our upcoming trip … I’m not about to push it.

(Whenever illness is in your chest, you’re better off letting it work its way out of your system — though I’ll work out with a cold; it usually helps clear my head — since this isn’t a typical cold … it’s not worth chancing it).

So anyway, I’m sitting at home in my jammies blogging on the couch. I had Panera chicken noodle soup for dinner and am about to unplug and just rest tonight.

In the words of the Soup Nazi … I’m telling myself: “No gym for you!” And for once in my life, I am totally OK with it.

I will see how I feel tomorrow, but for now … I just want to get better so I can enjoy our trip.


10 thoughts on ““No Gym for You!”

  1. Oh no!! Feel better in time for your trip! I’ll send you notsicknotsicknotsick vibes right now (not that it helps much since you’re clearly already sick!). Hang in there and rest up, good for you for listening to your body and not beating yourself up for it too 🙂

  2. you know what girl, i just read your article in Fitness this morning, and now im reading this post. this is so right on. how different from the girl who wouldnt even go on a date with your hubby…and now you are resting for your trip. you have come so far lissa and brought many with you. thank you and feel better soon!

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