Heading to Jersey … NOT the Shore!

Hi dear readers — heading home to NJ this weekend for my mom’s birthday. Looking forward to time with my husband, mom, dad, and sister — and then in two weeks, we’ll visit my brother in Korea! Lots of excitement and I can’t wait for a good salt bagel!

For the first time in years I’m *NOT* bringing running shoes (not with #snowverkill pounding the East Coast) but I am looking forward to a weekend of fun and relaxation and moderation with my favorite people.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend. Hope to be back blogging Monday or Tuesday. I just need to disconnect for a bit.

Love, Melissa


6 thoughts on “Heading to Jersey … NOT the Shore!

  1. That’s good idea that you’re not bringing your running shoes, and I’m glad your not beating yourself up for it! You can always volunteer to shovel the walk instead 😀

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