Love Your Flawz

This 5-minute video is absolutely worth a peek at for its creativity and powerful message about loving yourself exactly as you are, flaws and all.

To be honest, I’d never heard about her until I came across this video online today, but musician Caitlin Crosby created “Embrace Your Flawz” to highlight men and women (including Crosby) showing off their natural beauty.

According to its YouTube description, many have contributed to the video and website campaign, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jordan Sparks, Zachary Levi, Margaret Cho, American Idol’s Jason Castro, Russell Simmons, Linda & Brooke Hogan, Brie Larson, Avatar’s Joel David Moore, Olivia Munn, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Charlyne Yi, Emily Osment of Hanna Montana, as well as hundreds of fans who want to show off their flaws.

To learn more about Caitlin or the campaign, visit and

How about you? Did you like the video? What flaw do you already embrace/can you start to embrace?


5 thoughts on “Love Your Flawz

  1. this was really heartwarming. i liked most the folks with the “what flaws?” signage.

    id like to take it a step further and ask, who defines flaws? Hollywood? society? peers? i dont want to give in to the “flaw definers” and decide i have to “embrace” what they find wrong with me.

    the one flaw i will work forever to change is to not fall into the trap of holding myself to someone else’s definition of a flaw.

  2. Clare, you make a VERY good point-which I raised in the comments section on my post over at WeAretheRealDeal — playing devil’s advocate with my own post–sweetness! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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