Why Lady Gaga is a Role Model for Girls

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But when I saw this post on Facebook (via Courtney Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, which I reviewed here), I couldn’t help but share this kick-ass article by a high-schooler, Lilly @ RachelSimmons.com.

I’m linking to it in full (no excerpts!) it’s that good.

I happen to love Lady Gaga’s music, and really respect her as an artist.

And reading Lilly’s words (which I found to be spot-on) only reaffirmed my adoration for her as a woman and a role model for today’s girls, who get bombarded by so many mixed messages in the media.

No, she’s not perfect–no one is!– and maybe she isn’t the ideal role model for every girl … but I think Lady Gaga truly epitomizes MizFit’s notion of “Unapologetically Myself.”

The world needs more women like Lady Gaga, who isn’t afraid to be herself. Don’t you think?

How about you? What do you think of Lilly’s analysis of Lady Gaga as a role model for girls?


One thought on “Why Lady Gaga is a Role Model for Girls

  1. I love Lady Gaga, and I can’t help but think I liked her first because of her “unapologetic style” and confidence, and second because of her rockin’ music.

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