Megaphone Monday!

Note: I wrote this post for WeAretheRealDeal today, but I love the concept so much I’m bringing it to my blog, too! Judy Garland once said: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

I love that quote, and think it’s one of those mantras we could all benefit from repeating.

And so, channeling the cheerleader of my youth, I thought we’d try something different here at WeAretheRealDeal this week.

Inspired by Garland’s words, I”m calling it “Megaphone Monday.”

All too often here we’re discussing the pros and cons of comparing ourselves to others.

We’re spending energy (and I choose the word “spend” deliberately), talking about our bodies, our body image, our sense of self as defined by our physical selves … and often there’s a comparing factor.

We’re debating the ups and downs of things like weight loss, weight gain, self-acceptance.

But what if we had a place where we had free reign to toot our own horn, about stuff that has nothing to do with our appearance or how we perceive ourselves ?

Take your appearance out of the equation entirely and look at yourself through the lens of someone else, a spouse, a loved one, a friend.

OK, now ponder these questions. What are YOU awesome at? What do YOU know how to do so well that others ask your help? How are you a first-rate version of yourself?

I want you to shout it out from the mountaintops!!

It might not be easy to answer; you might feel selfish or self-indulgent being honest about what you feel you’re good at.

But there’s a difference between confidence and cockiness, and recognizing some of your positive traits/personality strengths can help increase your self-esteem.

I think sometimes we need to shift the focus — move the goal-posts, if you will — to truly find true self-acceptance. And if that means looking at yourself through another lens … so be it.

I’ll raise my hand and start. I have been told I’m compassionate, a people-person, and a good writer. And I try to live those attributes every day.

So … will you join me on this Megaphone Monday? Tell us something awesome about yourself in the comments, and don’t hold back!


5 thoughts on “Megaphone Monday!

  1. best way to make a monday better!!

    I tutor ear training/sight singing at my conservatory, and my students have nicknamed me the Ear Training Ninja. my eleven-year-old student thinks I’m brilliant, and I try to make myself into the best role model I can for her and for my other students.

    : )

  2. I’m a great pastor. I am like a mother to our church kids and a listening ear to our congregation. I teach them the same lessons that I need to learn and have learned about life, love and God. I am a nice balance between friend and mentor.

  3. Great idea! I’m always told I’m a generous and thoughtful person. I would do anything I can to help you out and try to bring the positive things out in your life.
    I’m also a heck of a teacher 😉

  4. ok i know it is tuesday…but i think i am a wholehearted person, and ive been told i am an “amazing” yoga leader by my students. ill take it!

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