Feeling Alright …

This is going to be a short post because MLK Day meant a night without hubby having class, but I wanted to let you all know that I feel great for two reasons:

1) I cut my workout a little short tonight because I was tired and saw no reason to push myself.

2) I didn’t buy (or consume) any food I didn’t need today — in particular, no triggers: no Chex mix, chocolate, or FF ReddiWhip.

I feel good; calm, serene. And I’d like to stay that way. One day at a time … That’s all I can do — commit myself to make each day one I can be proud of … just like how I banned chewing/spitting … I can tackle this demon of compulsive eating, too.

I just need to believe I can do it … that I’m worth it.

So I’m telling you — I am not vowing to never buy or eat those things again, but for now, I’m focusing on fueling my body better … and right now there’s not any wiggle room for junk.

I need to turn by back on instant gratification; it hasn’t helped me any.


One thought on “Feeling Alright …

  1. Congrats! Those are both great reasons to be feeling happy and confident. I cut my workout short yesterday because I knew I was walking with a friend later…probably could have skipped altogether, but…baby steps 🙂

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