Holy YUM

Not my pic, but I love it!

I love, love, love oatmeal and eat it nearly every morning for breakfast.

With all the variations out there, I’m never bored and there’s nothing like it, especially in the chilly fall/winter months.

To get in the holiday spirit, this morning I decided to add a splash of Silk Nog (which I yapped about here last year) into a packet of Quaker High Fiber Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal for a quickie breakfast.

Oh my LORD was this a heavenly, creamy combo of deliciousness!

I can tell you that I will be bringing Silk Nog to work tomorrow to recreate with my oatmeal yet again 😉

(In case you’re curious, I keep a ton of oatmeal packets at my desk at all times–our microwave at work is fickle and one too many times I’ve lost bowls of oats that overflowed! Now I just keep a whole bunch of packets for safe-keeping at my desk).

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday weekend. I have a three-day work week and then am looking forward to some more time off 🙂

How about you? Do you have a favorite oatmeal combo this time of year?


8 thoughts on “Holy YUM

  1. If I’m doing regular (i.e., plain) oats, I like them with a banana and PB — Elvis-style. 🙂 But if I do a packet of the high fiber maple and brown sugar, I love it with maple almond butter.

  2. What a great idea! I’m not a fan of eggnog, but I’ll bet other kinds of soy milk would be great in oatmeal. I’m definitely stealing this tip!

    I really love McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oats. They take a bit longer to cook, but they are SO good, and they hold me over in a way that regular/quick oatmeal doesn’t. I like it with brown sugar and raisins.

    1. I’ve never had real egg nog and am not sure I’d like it but this stuff is amazingly good in oats!! I didn’t even miss a scoop of nut butter, it was that tasty on its own!

  3. this is my kinda post! i found gluten free oat bran and have been pairing it lately with fresh baked pumpkin. tonights deliciousness was pumpkin and cocoa powder! also love pumpkin cranberry chai flavor.

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