Help Eating Disorder Sufferers Get Well

This is a repost from, written by MamaV. I wanted to share her whole message here.

We are a community of eating disorder sufferers and survivors.

WeAreTheRealDeal is dedicated to helping eating disorder sufferers in an effort to provide treatment and education through the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

The economy is tight & budgets are strained, but your donation will go directly to helping those like you, & friends or family members who need to heal from their ED.

Please consider donating $1, $5, or $50 now to help us reach our New Year’s Day goal of $1000.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The Real Deal Girls – Lissa, Roni, Carla, Miss Lori, Marsha, Josie, Joy, Nats, Candice & Heather

Can you add this widget to your blog to help our cause? Go here for the code.


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