Me & Chex Mix = :(

(Note: no photo/image on purpose … must avoid this crack at all costs!)

Chex mix and I have a VERY abusive relationship.

The past few weeks, for reasons unbeknown to me, I’ve been ridiculously buying Chex mix (cheddar, honey nut, or most recently — the special edition cocoa!).

Chex mix which doesn’t fill me, is a waste of calories/Points, and leaves me always wanting more. I think it should be called Crack mix.

I’m definitely eating it — sort of binging on it, actually. And I just can’t stop. It’s like I have zero self-control … Between that and the copious amounts of sugar and sweets … ugh. I feel sick just thinking about it.

And so today I am vowing to 1) not buy the evilness that is Chex mix and 2) not to eat it if I find it at a party, friend’s house, work, etc.

I don’t know what’s going on … I don’t feel particularly stressed, but I know when I’m eating Chex mix as much as I have been, it can’t be a good thing.

Not beating myself up here; just stating the truth. Anyway …. just had to lay it out there! No more Chex mix! It makes me feel bloated and terrible … so not worth it.

For the same amount of calories (since I’ve been eating a lot of it), I’d much rather have a slice of cheesecake!!


6 thoughts on “Me & Chex Mix = :(

  1. Uh, yeah. That evil sized bag with 4 servings equaling a-thousand-and-something calories??? I can’t not eat the whole thing including the dust on the bottom. I just tell myself that I don’t eat donuts, I don’t eat candy bars, and I don’t eat Chex Mix. It doesn’t make me actually not eat those foods, but it’s something.

    Thanks so much for the link the other day!

  2. I have had issues with chex mix in the past so can totally relate. What finally got me off was when I decided to no longer eat processed foods, trans fats, etc. Just reading the ingredient list was enough to kill the craving for me.
    I have been overdoing the sweets/baked goods the last few weeks all in the name of “holiday splurges” but it has caught up with me and feel kinda gross. Just remember how much better you feel mentally and physically when you don’t overdo any foods. Not to say not have treats, but not to overdo it. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

  3. Ugh since my sister has come home from school, she’s been buying chex mix and i’ve been eating it all! I like to pick out the good parts and leave the pretzels- that counts for something, right? I try to rationalize it by telling myself that at least some parts are whole wheat…I’ve gotten a little better but I hate it when it’s in the house and I have no control- but I can’t stop my sister from buying it so I need to learn how to deal with it even when it’s in the house. I usually end up throwing a whole bunch of junk food away after she leaves!

  4. I already failed my experiment … on the way to work, I forgot there had been a bag of Cocoa mix that I DIDN’T chuck already and well, it’s in the trash now after I picked out lots of the yogurt-covered Chex pieces 😉 Oh well … the rest of the day, no Chex. Glad to know I’m not alone with this “problem.”

    Lara, what’s funny is I KNOW how crappy it is for me (processed, etc) but it doesn’t seem to stop me in the moment. Much like c/s used to be. Now I’m EATING the crap — even worse! Well, not worse, but similar. Must stop! I’m blaming PMS.

  5. Omg… i SOOOO understand! Although my abusive relationship isn’t with chex mix, I seem to always lose control around JUICE and flavored drinks! Not even sodas, but orange juice and iced tea and VitaminWater and Gatorade, etc. If left to my own devices with a gallon of Iced tea from the grocery store, I’d finish it all in a day. It’s tough but at least you KNOW chex mix is you crack. That’s the first step to getting a handle on it.

    Good luck<3

  6. Yep…I’m another victim to Chex Mix’s siren call. For me, it’s the cheesy one. I, too, will eat the entire bag in one sitting.

    This isn’t overly helpful to you but I have 3 teenagers so I only buy it when I know they are around to eat it with me (usually on the drive home from Target)–that way, I only get a handful. They are all girls who LOVE it so it works out well. Every now and then I do buy it when alone so that I can enjoy the entire bag myself but I try to make that a rarity.

    Oh Chex Mix…how I adore thee. Unfortunately, it doen’t physically make me feel like crap which might help if it did…but then again, maybe not!

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