Carrie Underwood: Photoshop Victim?

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We found this photo and post on Jezebel today and just had to share.

Take a good look at country crooner Carrie Underwood.

What do you think? This is the January 2010 cover of SELF magazine (which I’ve already bashed re: the Sept. 2009 Kelly Clarkson cover debacle).

Do you think it’s a royal Photochop hack-job, too? Notice her thighs. They look ridiculously fake to me (and the Jezebel contributor).

I adore Carrie Underwood (I blogged about her engagement as a stark contrast to Brittany Murphy’s untimely death) … but I can’t imagine she’s pleased with this clear mutilation of her already-beautiful body.

Her legs look plastic, shiny … like Barbie’s. They don’t even look real.

I’d love to know how badly MEN are Photo-chopped, if at all. Does anyone know, or have an example to share?


One thought on “Carrie Underwood: Photoshop Victim?

  1. I had a friend who photoshopped for a living. One of her jobs was a famous female country music artist. My friend’s assignment? Photoshop images to make the artist look thinner. I always thought that was whack.

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