Carrie Underwood Engaged; Brittany Murphy Dead

Gone at 32 ... Engaged and smiling</i>Yup, two total extremes, I know.

But both these stories were in the news the past two days and the stark contrast between the two couldn’t be clearer.

Young women today have so much to grapple with, and when you read about yet another young Hollywood tragedy, it’s hard not to feel its reverberations.

Even if you don’t care about the celeb scene; even if you don’t care about Hollywood at all.

I think Carrie Underwood is everything that is “right” with young women today. She’s strong, independent, talented, bright, stays out of trouble and it doesn’t appear that fame has corrupted her.

Yes, she’s lost weight since her Idol days and toned up considerably (and she’s been criticized for falling into that skinny-Hollywood trap) — but I don’t necessarily begrudge her that because she looks happy and healthy (and I hope that is the case — we know appearances can be deceiving, especially in Hollywood).

Then you have Brittany Murphy,  who I’ll always remember Brittany as the adorable Tai — Cher’s best friend in Clueless, the one who sang, “Rollin’ with my homies…” with those big pouty lips of hers and rosy cheeks.

Brittany who, after 18 years in the limelight, is now gone at just 32. Brittany, whose shrinking figure in recent years raised many eyebrows — raised them enough to ask questions … but not to intervene enough to save her.

For years the actress denied she had a drug problem or an eating disorder (source: People magazine). But now that she’s gone, close friends are talking about her “inner demons” and body image issues; how they tried to reach out to her, but to no avail.

Isn’t that always what we hear? “I tried…” And it isn’t enough. If someone doesn’t want help, how can they be helped?

Ultimately, it was too late.

Another young celebrity, gone in the blink of an eye. (Lindsay Lohan, are you listening?!). Whether you liked her or not, it’s sad and tragic when we hear of a 32-yr old dying of cardiac arrest, especially when it’s possibly related to drugs or an eating disorder.

So congrats to Carrie on your engagement … Keep being the role model that you are for young women.  And Brittany, RIP …

How about you? What do you make of the news of Brittany Murphy’s untimely death?


6 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Engaged; Brittany Murphy Dead

  1. I definitely thought the same thing when I heard about Britney Murphy. I would assume its related to an ED or drugs unfortunately. At that age, it’s absolutely ludicrous to die of “natural causes”.

  2. I would love to think it is from natural causes but I know better. It is so sad to see a young life gone in vain yet again.
    You would think it would help to stop others from destroying their bodies but it won’t. Especially when the media keeps doing what it does and (we) the public keep buying and tearing people apart.
    Until the day that (pigs fly) we all can open a magazine and watch t.v. without commenting about the size shape and color of their hair, legs , arms, abs, face, fingers and toes. Then we all help create this horrible mess. Sad but true.

  3. I am actually going to post about this later this week, too. It just really hit close to home – my sister still struggles, and she is Brittany’s age. I know nothing has come out for certain regarding what led to her cardiac arrest, but you have to admit, looking as gaunt as she was in recent months cannot have helped her health.

    In a way, if it does point to an eating disorder, I hope this hits home for young girls and women who are doing the same to their bodies. It’s so “glamorous” to be thin in Hollywood, until something like this happens…

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