The Sweet Truth

I’m not feeling terribly inspired to blog tonight (I’m deeply entrenched in Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight saga, for anyone living under a rock like I apparently had been!) so forgive me for this being short and sweet (pardon the pun).

This evening I made delicious, decadent peppermint bark for my office cookie exchange tomorrow (you can see the recipe here), which capped off a complete chocoholic weekend.

Honest to God, I am so sick of sweets that I don’t think I’ll even be tempted by the goodies we’ll be sharing tomorrow! I simply overdid it.

Fortunately, we have lots of friends and neighbors to pawn the goodies off on, er, share the sugar with!

While I have ridiculous amounts of sugar on the brain (and in my belly –have not c/s since mid-March, huzzah!) I also thought now would be a good time to share my now-famous 2-Point Oreo balls/Oreo truffle recipe that has wowed friends and family alike — and only requires three ingredients!! You can see that recipe here.

For the longest time last year, “Oreo Balls” was the #1 search on my blog. Talk about ironic!! Especially since when I originally posted the recipe, I was at the height of my disgusting c/s behavior.

But I digress.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a day of clean eating and seeking a little balance. I’m not talking about going into some restriction mode or anything but between the uncomfortable tummy situation last week and this weekend of practically inhaling chocolate like never before … I could use a few days without a lot of sugar. (I’ve never really been able to cut it out; mind over matter?).

The thing is,  I know myself enough to know when I’ve abused my love of chocolate … and this weekend, we crossed that line. I couldn’t resist its allure. OK, I didn’t want to resist its allure is more like it.

The score? Chocolate 1, Melissa 0.

The good thing is, I’m in a place now where that won’t set me back mentally or physically … and that’s real progress. I’m blaming it on my impending monthly guest which will arrive early this week.

How about you? Is there a holiday treat that you just can’t get enough of? How do you avoid abusing it?


7 thoughts on “The Sweet Truth

  1. So I’m supposed to pick one holiday treat? Seriously, I’m looking forward to them being over for that very reason! I am terrible about resisting baked goods. They have an evil hold on my life!

  2. I’m making those balls this week!! I LOVE white chocolate, so I’m going to try that….

    There are SO MANY good ‘holiday’ treats that I only seem to find this time of year. I love “bread pudding” (basically butter, eggs, bread, and LOTS of sugar!) and sugar cookies the most. 🙂

    My sisters and I are baking up a storm tomorrow night, so hopefully since they’re for “other people” I won’t dig into the stash. At least, not enough to demolish it!

  3. Oh Holly, I hope you luuuvvsss them! 🙂 My husband makes a Salvadoran bread pudding (called “budin”) that is quite good but uses just eggs, bread, a little sugar, milk, cinnamon, raisins and I think that’s it? It’s surprisingly good and light-tasting. Enjoy baking with your sisters!

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