Bugged by a Bug

I don’t know if I am feeling residual H1N1 affects, have a stomach bug, or what … but for the past three days I’ve had zero appetite, have felt bloated, crampy in my lower back and stomach … and downright miserable all-around.

My period isn’t due for another week, and I’m pretty positive I’m not pregnant (because I’m sure that will be someone’s guess given some of those symptoms!) so I don’t know what gives.

What’s bugging me out is there’s never been a day in this girl’s life where I didn’t want to eat. And I don’t quite know what to make of it!

It feels weird, wrong, to not want/crave/think about food at all. It’s not ME.

I mean, I’m all for listening to your body in theory, but I’ve never been good at practicing it.

Yet the past three days, I’ve struggled with eating at all. I mean, I am eating — but definitely not with gusto and definitely not what I’d typically consume in a day. I also have no energy for exercise as a result and am not being stupid about it; something is clearly wrong.

In fact, at dinner Monday night I made a point (probably ridiculously!) to tell two of my dearest friends that I’m not feeling well and that it’s not one of those moments of my past where I was all weird about food; I wanted them to know I genuinely have zip-zero appetite, and didn’t want them to think I was falling into old disordered habits or anything.

If this lasts more than another day or so, I’m going to have to see the doctor, but it’s pretty uncomfortable, whatever it is and I just wanted to share because I feel quite unsettled. I don’t know if this is maybe an aftermath of having H1N1?

Who knows … but it’s not fun!


8 thoughts on “Bugged by a Bug

  1. I’m NOT suggesting you’re pregnant – that’s the disclaimer! But when I found out I was pregnant, my first weird symptom was lack of appetite, I, like you, have never not wanted to eat. I’d had a bad cold the week before I found out, and I kept thinking it was residual effects from the cold. I was super-thirsty but not hungry at all. It took until well into my pregnancy until I had an appetite back.

  2. Double yuk. I hope you start feeling better soon and if not, do listen to your body and get checked out! I shall hope you’re pregnant.

  3. ugh, from just getting over H1N1 and now this! i hope you feel better soon. i know that i feel totally discombobulated when i’m not hungry and not focusing my whole day on food, so i feel your pain. I hope you get to the bottom of what it is soon and then kick it to the curb.

  4. Oh, no!! I know that must be frustrating for you. You were out so long with H1N1, and now this?!

    Maybe talking to your doctor wouldn’t be such a bad idea – who knows, this could be something people experience after H1N1?

    I hope you feel better soon and get your appetite back…especially in this coooold weather!!

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