Too Sick To Blog …

Update as of noon 11/12 … I have H1N1. 😦 I already took my first dose of Tamiflu but am likely out of commission til Mon or Tues. 😦 This seriously sucks, but I want to get better so I’m resting up.

First, thank you for all the kind words on my post today! 🙂

You know that whole law of diminishing returns concept from economics? Well, I think it applies to people, too. I pushed myself past oblivion the past two weeks, and it has finally caught up to me. I so rarely get sick that when I do, I tend to be a big baby about it.

And tonight, my hubby has a presentation in Ann Arbor so I’m flying solo.

I have felt like absolute garbage all day (head, nose, throat, fever) and tonight just had some chicken soup and am heading to bed. I have a doctor’s appt.  in the morning and will see if I go to work or not; if I feel like this, I am afraid I’d be pushing it once again.

Sorry to be lame-o and not do a post today for tomorrow, but I just have nothing to say. On a positive note: I still had soup even though (thanks to our yummy holiday potluck) I’d exceeded my daily Points/WPAs for the week. I knew soup would help clear me up. And I skipped the gym, something I probably wouldn’t have done two years ago. Yea, I know … I know.

Anyway, hope you have a great night and I hope to be back tomorrow or Friday!


6 thoughts on “Too Sick To Blog …

  1. oh prayers for healing lissa! forget the points…when you are sick your body NEEDS more points because it is using so much extra to fight the sickness. more calories are used because the body is fighting.

    take care friend!

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