Eat, Drink and Be Merry

r170031_637382When I was in Hebrew School, this little boy several years younger than me (Curtis) used to always say “Eat, drink and get married!” instead of “eat, drink and be merry” after we’d say the blessings over the bread and wine.

After my work event yesterday, I have to admit … I ate, I drank, and was merry. And you know what? It felt human. Divine.

The digital event we hosted went off beautifully, seamlessly. Since event planning usually comes with drama, I have to say, knowing it went well really made me feel great.

And though I was too nervous to eat beforehand (I had a big breakfast) I sure made up for it last night at Osteria via Stato with my coworkers!

I feel like I’ve really been able to let go a little the past week, and hope I can continue to challenge myself (within reason, of course).

Hope you have a wonderful day — sorry this week my posts haven’t been too exciting; just a ton going on and I leave for San Diego Saturday for a conference, so things are just a bit nutty!


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