Two Progress Tales

work-in-progressSaturday, my husband and I had a late lunch in Ann Arbor, where he had a study session for school. I was a little peckish a few hours after we got home, so I had a snack.

He was hungry-hungry, and so while we were watching MILK (awesome movie!) he made a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, using Trade Joe’s Tuscana bread, real Swiss cheese (not the low-fat kind I usually have) and fresh tomato. He offered me a bite, and it was delicious.

I didn’t say anything about wanting one, but he could see I enjoyed it. And knowing me, he knew I wouldn’t want a full sandwich myself.

So a few minutes later, he came out of the kitchen with a mini version of this delicious sandwich for me, and a regular sized second one for him.

I gave it a split second of thought, and devoured it, savoring every bite.Now, this little dittie probably sounds silly to anyone else, but for me, this was huge.

You see, technically, I had no Points left. And technically, I wasn’t very hungry. Technically, I didn’t “need it.”

But, given my track record of being a total control freak when it comes to food, it’s certainly not every day my husband brings me a toasted cheese sandwich … so I embraced it.

And you know what? It was worth that moment of pleasure. And because it was made with real, full-fat ingredients, I didn’t need more. I felt satisfied, content.

Then Sunday, my Polar F6 heart rate monitor—which has been with me since November 1, 2007 – died on me at the gym. It’s been on the fritz for months, and I haven’t wanted to admit it.

But instead of freaking out that I might not know the exact numbers (something I would have done a year or so ago), I continued my workout, knowing the approximate “value” of my workout was just fine.

This weekend is a good precursor for me, since I’m going home to NJ for a wedding and to visit my family this coming week (Wed-Sun) and will have to be flexible with respect to food and exercise.

(Unfortunately, I have to go solo—my husband is traveling for business through Wed. and then he has his school externship the rest of the week, so going home solo is one of the sacrifices we need to make with him working full time and in business school.  Sigh …!)

Times when I am out of my comfort zone, I’m forced to get comfortable in situations that would have otherwise made me uncomfortable. As a result, I consider these moments progress … and very, very necessary for growth.

How about you? Have you had one of those moments of clarity recently where you were able to put food/exercise issues on the back burner in favor of just living in the moment?


15 thoughts on “Two Progress Tales

  1. I don’t normally do any workout without my F6. But the other day I was on my way to the gym and realized I had the chest strap on but forgot the watch. I normally would have turned around to go get it but I continued to the gym without it and had a great workout.

    The other day I wasn’t feeling well and the only thing that sounded good to eat was a Panera bagel when I stopped to get coffee. So instead of worrying about the insane number of points I ordered one and enjoyed it.

  2. Hurray for you! You don’t have to count EVERY calorie… it’s about moderation and being reasonable. It may be that counting everything, weighing everything, and being super-vigilant is the way to train yourself to new, healthy habits, but once you’re there, being super-vigilant is only tiring and causes resentment.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your little cheese sandwich!

  3. Hey Melissa! This comment is completely OT, but I was wondering how you felt about meeting up with blog readers. I notice that you’re in Ann Arbor a lot. I live there…and I’ve been reading your blog for over a year (and am FB friends with you as well) and think it would be awesome to meet you in person. If this sounds super-creepy to you feel free to ignore it. 😉

  4. Hi Alison!! I am definitely not opposed to blogger meet-and-greets!! I am in AA quite a bit, and I’d love to meet up one of these days! I will let you know next time I have advance warning about a trip out there! (this weekend was last-minute; I never go with hubby to class but took advantage of it 🙂 I love AA!)

  5. I am reporter at a daily newspaper. In a given week, there is at least one event that has food. I have put my food issues on the back burner because people expect you to eat at events. It freaks them out when you turn down food. Plus, I have gain a lot of good contacts and potential stories over many a meal recently. So I am learning how about food as a socializing tool.

  6. i just wanted to say you are awesome and congrats. your sandwich story doesnt sound silly to me at all. if that was my story it would be one of my hugest deals. YAH lissa, thank you for posting this success story!

  7. Congrats…you are making big strides! Oh…and your husband is a sweetheart. When I read that upon seeing you enjoy the bite he made you a mini sandwich I said “awww”…LOL. It is something small but SO considerate. 🙂

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