Shameless Self Promotion/Day 1 Diet Coke Free!

tales004This is a screen shot of yesterday’s post on my Diet Coke obsession, which ended up being one of’s featured blog posts of the day.

While it certainly wasn’t my most exciting topic OR best writing, I’ll take the free PR 🙂

And it was good — 1,811 hits as of 9:30 last night … surreal, for such a niche blog. The interesting thing will be seeing who — if anyone — returns.

Anyway, true to my promise, I made it a day without Diet Coke. I drank a lot more water and tea than usual, and my tummy didn’t feel distended and bloated at night so that was a welcome relief!

On the flipside, I was way more snacky than usual, but it also could have been just me not using my resistance muscle at all.

When it comes to my Diet Coke “ban” I think I’m going to take more liberal, more realistic approach: not saying “never” but rather “sometimes” — as in, when I’m out or it’s offered for free.

South Korea, here we come!! Well, ok, one day’s worth $$ 🙂

Hope you all have a safe, happy and HEALTHY weekend!


8 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion/Day 1 Diet Coke Free!

  1. That’s pretty awesome!

    I tried doing the sometimes and it got back to always. Besides I realized after time it was better for me to not drink all the chemicals anyway. And its cheaper in a restaurant to not order it anyway.

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