Carpe Diem!

navbar_roll_02Yesterday, I took the day off to spend with my girlfriends and a dear friend of ours who is visiting from California.

We went to Ann Arbor (where my husband goes to business school) and in between shopping, we had lunch at one of my FAVORITE places here in Michigan, Zingerman’s Deli.

I call it the Carnegie Deli of the midwest — because it’s that good. (And I LOVE the Carnegie, so that’s saying a lot!)

Well, every other time I’ve gone, I’ve ordered their Greek salad and matzo ball soup. I’ve always wanted a sandwich, but was honestly “afraid” to order it, not knowing what all would be in it.

Well, fear no more! This time, I was feeling crazy and got a real sandwich. And I had it made exactly as I wanted it: turkey and swiss, lettuce and tomato on farm bread. Absolutely delicious, and I ate every bite.

And yes, that’s a big deal for me. I realize for most people, it’s a given to go to a deli and eat a sandwich (my husband LOVES their Reubens).

But the only places I’ve ever had sandwiches at (save for ones I’ve made at home) are Subway or Potbelly’s, because I know the Points values of those sandwiches. I could “control” the situation.

What’s interesting is that at Subway or Potbelly’s, I always get Baked Lays’. And here, the sandwich was PLENTY; and it was all real stuff–nothing fake.

Plus, after years and years on Weight Watchers, I have become pretty good at figuring out the Points values of food, so I wasn’t concerned about that.

Sometimes it feels so good to just leave our comfort zone and try something different. It felt normal, it felt “real.” I can’t wait to tell my husband; I know it’s going to make him really happy to hear it.

I know I’m nowhere near being “totally normal” about food, but I like to think moments like this bring me one step closer to it. And it sure feels good!

How about you? Have you recently had a “carpe diem” moment you’d like to share with respect to food?


5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem!

  1. Zingerman’s… be still, my heart.

    Good for you for getting a sandwich! My family has a once-a-year trip to Zingerman’s and I’m always terrified of getting one of their sandwiches: next year is the year. You’ve inspired me!

  2. That is awesome for you! The chips made me think about the quality of food making it more satifying. I know when I go to a restaurant I love and have a nice tasty meal, I barely touch the potatoes. I go for the veggie medley and meat every time. I know that if I go to a fast food chicken place I wouldn’t feel completely satisfied unless I had mashed potatoes. It is the same thing with sandwiches and chips. If it is a good sandwich, I don’t think about chips. It isn’t only about getting full for me, it is about the taste too. If I get something fast that I consider “okay” then I will find something I like to eat better (chips, potatoes etc) to go along with it just to enhance the meal. I probably end up eating the same amount of calories.

  3. Oh Nell so glad you love it, too! Yup, just get one of their creations made how YOU want it!! 🙂

    Thanks, Alis! Yes, it was such good quality food, I didn’t NEED more!! And it was the same number of Points as a Subway sandwich (which is slimy turkey!) and Baked chips.

  4. I had a carpe diem moment at our favorite pizza place. I normally get a salad I know and can eat for the give points. But I really wanted pizza. So I ordered a personal size with lots of veggies and little cheese but enjoyed every bite.

    I’m with you and normally only order stuff I know the points for if I think it will be super pointy. Now I’m trying to enjoy little things here and there.

  5. On Monday, I was treated to a really good Chef salad. Instead of just picking off stuff, I actually ate it. Still not a fan of mushrooms and olives but they didn’t hurt. I take it meal by meal.

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