Shame on You, Ralph Lauren…

I am not going to say much except to share this link from Jezebel that makes me sick to my stomach, “Ralph Lauren Fires Photoshopped Model for Being ‘Too Fat.”

What the ?!@!@ This is further proof that the industry — save for Glamour magazine — doesn’t get it.  What kind of message does this send to little girls everywhere?!

I’m not a huge Ralph Lauren fan, but now I am absolutely sure that company won’t get another cent of my money.


5 thoughts on “Shame on You, Ralph Lauren…

  1. That picture looks absolutely ridiculous. If I was the model I would be so ANGRY at the simple fact that I was photoshopped to look like Jack the Pumpkin King and other designers might see that and think I look like that. I mean it looks WEIRD. R.L. was wrong in everything they did on this one along with how they treated her.

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