Sugar … Aw, Honey Honey …

sugarMy Internet at home was down last night, so I couldn’t blog til this morning before work, so pardon the short post.

That said, let me just tell you that I have seriously overdosed on sugar the past two weeks and I am FEELING it.

Not to worry — I’m not beating myself up over my less-than-stellar nutritionally-devoid choices; rather I enjoyed every single one of them and hey, it was my birthday week 😉

But I am seriously in dire need of some clean eating: whole grains, lean protein, dairy, fruits and veggies.

I’ve wasted ALL my WPAs the past two weeks (and then some) on sweets and though I hate to admit it, my love of all things sweet definitely stands in the way of me and my desire to lose weight again.

Yesterday I had a work event and wore the black dress I got three years ago for my bridal shower. Let me just say that, in retrospect, it looked a helluva lot better then (about 10 lbs ago). Plus, after all the sugar and very little agua, I felt puffier than normal standing up there in front of everyone.

While I’m a huge fan of everything in moderation, I think I need to do a little sugar detox for the next few days. I hate the way I feel physically right now.

And I cannot, repeat CANNOT, buy another bag of candy corn – I bite off the top part, toss the rest … I’m not chewing and spitting like last year or the year before, but it’s a totally anxious behavior that I need to nip in the bud. The taste is so sickeningly sweet, yet I continue to indulge.


Well, there’s no time like the present … so I’ll give it a shot today. Time to “regroup” … I need energy and it needs to come from nutritional choices. Overdoing anything makes me feel bad (physically) and well, this is a gentle reminder!

How about you? Have you ever tried to detox from sugar?


13 thoughts on “Sugar … Aw, Honey Honey …

  1. Hello my name is Staci and I’m a sugaraholic. And, I also believe that candy corn is the DEVIL!!!

    I hope your detox is refreshing. I, for one, think you looked mahvelous in your black dress and was going to tell you this morning you look like you’ve lost weight. 🙂

    I’ve really learned to curb the sugar eating; I definitely feel better without it but it’s definitely not easy!

  2. Major sweet tooth here! I have never done a real “detox” but have worked on cutting back on sugar and reducing/eliminating certain problematic sweet foods.

    I have found though over time that staying away from the junk candy is really the best thing. Once I start it is hard to stop. I am fine with a square or two of high quality dark chocolate but candy corn or snickers? Not so much. A few years ago I actaully ate so much candy corn in one day I got sick and have no desire to eat it again.

    Make a rule that you just can’t buy the junky candy. Just don’t do it. You have the power to choose not to. Buy a good bar of dark chocolate and tell yourself you can have as much of it as you need. Start with a square at a time and really savour it and eat intuitively. Chances are it won’t cause you to overeat the way junky candy does. At least that has been my experience.

  3. Lara that’s just it–I need to adopt the same “choose pride over guilt” that I did with c/s to candy!!! It’s just so much harder b/c THAT habit was yucky, gross, embarrassing … having a sweet tooth isn’t. But I know it’s not healthy either.

    Sometimes I can do that with a good bar of dark chocolate.

  4. I love sugar but it doesn’t love me. I had to detox from the things that were almost pure sugar…namely desserts. No more ice cream, cake, pie, etc. But I do still enjoy it in healthier things like yogurt and in my tea and stuff like that. I’ve realized that it is a slippery slope with me and I can’t do sugar in moderation right now. And you know what…I’m okay. I don’t really crave dessert any more. I can pass by the chocolate in the store and not sneak a piece when I give it to the students. I feel good and in control instead of sneaky and out of control when I’m on a sugar binge.

  5. I seem to have to have a sugar detox after every A. Halloween, B. Christmas and C. Easter. It’s like I panic that the seasonal treats (candy corn, Reese’s eggs, Puppy Chow) will never be around anymore! 🙂

    My favorite way to detox is to go to the grocery and stock up on fruits and veggies. I also plan meals that incorporate lots of fruits/veggies. There is something about produce that makes me feel clean and encourages me to continue on a healthier eating path.

    But I COMPLETELY agree that you only turn 30 once! Shoot, I had way too much cake and ice cream (within a short period of time) on my birthday. I’m glad I did, too, because I don’t want to look back and know I deprived myself on my special day. And I know you don’t either! 🙂

    1. OMG those are sooo my weaknesses too, Holly — are we twins!? Puppy Chow, however, I cannot make — not since my college days. It’s too damn addicting!

      I didn’t have any cake or ice cream — sadly! Just a whole lotta chocolate and fudge and nut butters galore!

  6. I haven’t necessarily detoxed from sugar, but I have cut down considerably on the pop, and that I know has helped a lot for me. I tend to want something to go along with the pop, and that’s where it gets me into trouble. I stop craving the taste of it when I have it less and less. I have gone from having several a day, to maybe having a can (or less) a week.

  7. I still eat 2-3 mini chocolate bars per day, but have stopped overeating them over a few years by desensitizing myself. I did this by buying SO MUCH (i.e. large halloween boxes of mini choc bars) that I could not possibly eat it all in one day and continuing to buy it if my stash got even a little low. For me it was a trust thing. When I felt like “I better eat this now or else I won’t have another chance! It will be gone!”, I ate it all. (And still do.) But if I know there will always be more and I can’t possibly eat it all at once, I’m more inclined to take only a few of something. It was a long process though, two steps forward and one back!!!

  8. Girlfriend. I am the same as you. Try 21 days (the amount of days it takes to form a habit) of NO sweets. No exceptions. It’s the hardest thing in the world, but once the 21 days are up, you can totally curb and control your cravings. You finally learn that it’s all in the mind. GOOD LUCK!!

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