Get-aways Soothe the Soul

Hi everyone and thank you for the birthday wishes–here, in person and on Facebook!

My hubby and I took a romantic birthday get-away to Mackinac Island here in Michigan.

If you aren’t familiar with Mackinac, there are no cars allowed on the historical island, so it was like being around at the turn of the century; the only ways around the island are by foot, bike or horse-drawn buggy.

Naturally, being bike lovers, we biked all over the place–even in less than favorable weather at a few points! With the leaves changing color and crisp fall air, it was the perfect fall weekend, and awesome connect-time, which is so important for us especially with him in biz school and working full time.

We had a blast and are already planning to go back, maybe this summer?

I feel good because I was flexible and “normal” this weekend. I enjoyed myself to the fullest and enjoyed every meal, and didnt order a single salad which no doubt was a big step!

I feel like I ate my body weight in sweets and fudge 😉 (fudge what Mackinac is famous for) but hey, a girl turns 30 only once!

Anyway, weekends like these are crucial for people like me–being in nature just does wonders for the soul.

I’m in the car as I blog (via bberry!!) so no photos or long commentary, but I’ll be back Tuesday–we won’t get home til really late tonight.

Hope you all had a great weekend! See you soon.


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