Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous.

momdadmeAs I said about two months ago, I really want to embrace 30.

It’s kind of bizarre and mind-numbing to think that today, I have been on this earth for three decades.

I mean, thirty years ago, the Internet was a “big idea.”

The notion of an African-American president was a pipe dream.

AIDS was not identified, let alone its mass devastation (and global implications) understood.

The Berlin Wall separated communist East Germany from West Germany.

And verbs like “Googled” and “friended”? They simply didn’t exist.

But alas, thirty years ago, at St. Barnabus Hospital in Livingston, N.J., at 2:17 p.m., I came into this world, breached, butt-first, and, well, let’s be honest here …Β  ready to eat. πŸ™‚ (the latter–my dad’s words!)HPIM2003_edited

Thirty years later, not much has changed.

I’m still “upside-down” in a lot of my thoughts, I’m still stubborn (i.e., “butt-first”), and I’m still pretty much always ready to eat.

Though this is a recovery blog, I’m not going to talk about my food or body issues today. I see no need to in this moment. Why?

Well, today, I feel awesome, I feel strong, I feel beautiful, I feel empowered. I feel thirty, flirty and (to quote my Sex & the City girls) “fabulous”!

It’s my birthday, the day to celebrate coming into this world … and a day to reflect on the footprints I leave here on earth–not just today, but every day.

The truth is, every day we have a fresh opportunity to look in the mirror and say, “Today’s going to be a good day.”

Some days it’s easier to be more optimistic than others, but truly, really all in our attitude.

So how can you embrace today? Remember, you’re worth it!


16 thoughts on “Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous.

  1. It was kind of hard for me to turn 30 this year, but I have (kind of ) gotten used to it. Though I think turning 31 may be even harder! lol I’ve always said that it would have been easier to turn 30 had I been married or in a relationship, but I know other people who have had just as much trouble and they were married, so who knows? For me, it’s hard to believe that the last 10 years have gone so fast, b/c I don’t feel like I’m that old! But I know, that I’m a lot farther along now, then I was when I was 20. Guess age is somewhat of a good thing. πŸ™‚

  2. Just what I needed myself to get me going this morning! Smile on my face, optimistic attitude, and I’m out the door to face the world.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    And as a fabulous 40 year old, I have to say that turning 40 was even better in so many ways, which I never could have imagined at 30.

    So, just remember that life just keeps getting better and better (and in some ways, easier, from all those “life lessons”)!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Melissa!

    I am not too far behind you…next June I’ll be celebrating my 30th! I think for me I have a hard time realizing I’m almost 30. Mostly because I feel pretty immature sometimes. πŸ™‚ But honestly, I’ve learned one thing from some very classy, older ladies – if you have confidence, that is FAR more important than the number of candles on the cake. I’ve definitely learned that to be true. I wouldn’t return to 22 for anything, because I was self-conscious and didn’t appreciate what I had.

    Enjoy your special day!!

  5. happy birthday lissa. you are extremely accomplished for any age. shine with pride! through publicly helping yourself, you have helped so many and given much good to the world.

    happy happy birthday and thank you for being born! πŸ™‚

  6. happy birthday! i hope you had a fabulous day. i turned 31 this year and so far, these thirties are so much better than my twenties! πŸ™‚ enjoy yours!

  7. Happy birthday! I absolutely LOVED turning 30, so much just seemed to make sense and fell into place. 41 is quickly looming on the horizon for me so 30 was a looong time ago πŸ™‚ but I remember that year fondly. Enjoy and embrace it.

  8. Like I said on FB, the EXACT same thing happened to me at 35 weeks. I went straight to triage and they hooked me up to monitors, telling me that it would probably be 4 hours before I got to go home. However, I β€œfailed” the contraction test, so I had to stay there for 24 hours (without food, in case they had to do an emergency C-section). Luckily, everything was fine, and he stayed in there for another 2 weeks β€” just in time for his lungs to develop! I, too, got to have a nice tour of L&D so I knew what to expect.

    So glad everything is OK, and you did the right thing!

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