7hu2U4T6CppplhqnMwdNZ4dMo1_r1_400It feels kind of ironic to do this post right now (as I just began a 24-hour religious fast) but former anorexic, “plus-sized” model Crystal Renn’s book HUNGRY is getting a lot of buzz, and I’d be remiss not to give it some more.

Earlier today, I came across this article at (though the article is from FoxNews) about her new book that paints quite an ugly picture about her pre-plus-size modeling experience.

In addition to writing her book, Renn wants to make a difference in the world.

As she notes, “I want to see all different shapes and sizes on the runway. And I want the sample size to be a 10. A zero should not be the norm.”


This is another book I definitely want to get my hands on.

Has anyone read Renn’s book? Thoughts?


11 thoughts on “HUNGRY

  1. I totally agree that 10 should be a normal not 0.

    I would really be interested in reading this book. I find stories like this fascinated since I wanted to be like these models and to know that they even aren’t like that is great. I’m so happy for her.

  2. Another book to check out. Still need to read Monica Seles.
    I am sure not everyone in the modeling industry is ED/DE but I think a huge majority of them are (from the models to the agencies, fashion edtiors and journalists etc). To think that the woman who appeared nude in Glamour is a “plus size” model. Oy!

    1. I know, Lara–she was a beautiful woman and looked fit and normal to me. Godforbid she had a pooch…! It’s like HELLO, she’s real! Not every woman has wash-board abs.

  3. I’m just finishing this book and it has been quite a good read! Funny at times too. I used to be anorexic and could totally see myself in some of the stories she had. Crystal seems like a very strong and bright young woman too. Recommend!

    Also, I love it when authors put pics of themselves in the middle of the book. It enhances the reading experience for sure.

    She also mentions a book called “Healthy at Any Size” by Linda Bacon. I’ll have to check this out too!

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