“Todo Plazo Se Cumple”

Very loosely translated from Spanish, today’s headline alludes to “everything happens and comes to an end/everything has its time”

I found this quote apropos because tonight at about 10, we’ll be bringing my in-laws to O’Hare for their journey back to El Salvador. Though it hasn’t always been easy for me, the past three weeks have been pretty good, and I’ve really enjoyed the time with them.

Much of it had to do with reframing. The rest has to do with digging deep to find patience and compassion, two virtues — the former (which I’ve always lacked) and the latter, which I have always had but struggled with as of late.

All things considered, it was a good three weeks, and when we say goodbye tonight (at 2 a.m.!) I will feel a twinge of sadness.

Sadness for my husband — who literally moved to another country and left everything to be here with me — and who I know misses his family very much.

And sadness for me, because I really feel like I was able to bond with my mother-in-law.

I don’t know about you, but the “empty” feeling in the house after visitors leave (my family, his family, or friends) is palpable.

(L and I were international long distance for many years, and I used to have to wash the sheets and towels and clean my apartment the moment after he would visit. If his scent lingered, it made me feel even more sad, if that was possible!)

Yes, it’ll be nice to have our life back, our space back, our privacy back. It’ll be nice to be able to dance around in a towel and to have my kitchen organized the way I like it organized.

But there will be a little twinge of sadness, something I haven’t felt in the past.

Maybe it’s part of growing up? I look at the timing as interesting, as I turn 30 this coming Friday. Once again, my husband’s favorite quote (“todo plazo se cumple”) will have meaning.

Til then … I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend!


2 thoughts on ““Todo Plazo Se Cumple”

  1. Hello:

    I liked your blog very much. In my case I am the one that left my family and my country to be with my husband in the US. We are very happy and I feel blessed to have such a good man in my life.

    Just one remark: The saying goes: “Todo plazo se cumple”, at least in Chile, where I come from. Plaza is the Spanish word for main square.



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