Last week I was contacted by a reporter at Fitness magazine who found my blog. She is doing a piece on over-exercising and asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview for an upcoming article.

My response? Heck yea! I have had a subscription to Fitness for years, and have always enjoyed the magazine.

So anyway, we chatted today, and if all goes well (fingers crossed!), I’ll be included in the article, due out in one of the spring issues!! (Not sure when  yet–editorial calendars determine all that).

Naturally, I can’t/won’t go into the details of the interview here (though I saved my notes and can share later — whatever doesn’t make the cut!) but I thought I’d leave you with a quote I gave that I think sums up my whole over-exercising experience — past, present and future.

“Exercise only becomes a problem if it’s abused. But “abuse” is a fine line to walk and an easy one to cross (for people like me). “


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