Wearing Two Hats

6a00d8341c50b853ef0105361b2e83970c-800wiYogiClareBear pointed out an article on CNN.com this weekend that she thought would be a good blog topic here — and I couldn’t agree more. (Thanks, Clare!)

In the article, the author presents several reasons why Americans over-eat and offers ways to gain control. Like Clare, I liked a lot of the recommendations presented, and found them to be sound.

But she was concerned about the last part of the “So You Pigged Out” section with the recommendation to add a little exercise — fearing it could (in her words) “exacerbate the ‘excerise to eat,’ punishing, or compulsive exercise mindsets.”

Reading it from a recovering over-exerciser perspective — i.e., someone who has abused exercise and often did it to punish myself for food choices — I could definitely see how a recommendation such as this could exacerbate an over-exercising mindset.

But when I pulled myself back and looked at the recommendation from a non-ED/DE perspective, I saw it as good advice for the average person. Since most Americans don’t regularly exercise anyway, the rec (to me) seemed logical and sound.

The thing is, I needed to wear the other hat (the non-DE hat) in order to see it that way. And some days, it’s easier to put on that hat than others.

How about you? What did you think about this article? What do you think about the “add a little more exercise” recommendation?


5 thoughts on “Wearing Two Hats

  1. I don’t think this encourages anything unhealthy or would make someone over exercise. And I am coming from a DE/ED perspective. They say “add a few more minutes” to your exercise, not add one hour or what not. I think it is a very sensible recommendation. Like you said most people get such little activity to begin with. Also, I think the article sends a positive message about not throwing in the towel when you overeat. I know that got me many times in the past. Rather it gives a healthy example of what to do it you splurge i.e. make the next meal a healthy one, don’t beat yourself up, get some more activity.

  2. sometimes my ED hat still covers my eyes but gosh my normal hat is so pretty…i’ve been wearing it more and more.

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