Reframing Works!

reframingI don’t know if I’m speaking prematurely here (and I hope I’m not) but my anxiety levels are at an all-time low at the moment, even with my in-laws here.

Anyone who knows me in real life (or followed my blog last September) knows that this pretty much a ginormous deal.

I won’t go into details here for the privacy of my family, but I will say that reframing the situation has really helped me ten-fold.

I know one of the things Dr. G. wanted me to focus on in therapy was reframing situations, and amazingly, it worked when I actually tried it. Making the conscious decision to look at a situation differently really did wonders; I felt like a huge weight was lifted.

This weekend — even with my husband in class Friday and Saturday — ended up being just fine. In fact, it was good.

Coincidentally (or not?), I gave up on journaling at MyDailyPlate Friday and went back to my tried and tested, beloved, Point counting. I think having a “home base” in my head, so to speak, helps ground me for everything else.

I didn’t even go crazy shopping this weekend (like I expected I might–I admittedly often shop my feelings away).

Nope,  I just bought a pair of shoes at DSW and that was it!

(Ok and because I know you want to know, they’re super-cute, pointy-toed, espresso-brown crocodile leather Bandolino heels –swoon!)

I know I sometimes need the reminder that attitude is everything; heck, we all do, from time to time. 

Truly, our attitude and aptitude determine our altitude. This is something I need to keep in mind, because I know not every day will be easy. But just like anything else, it takes practice.

And so practice, I shall!

How about you? Could you use an attitude adjustment today? Is there something you could benefit from reframing?


14 thoughts on “Reframing Works!

  1. I could definitely use an attitude adjustment at work. I`m so angry with my boss right now that it`s filtering into how I am reacting to my coworkers. I noticed yesterday. I should stop for a moment and figure out why I still work here.. besides the frustrating reason that`s floating around in my head.

      1. That was my plan but my boss gave me an ultimatum on Friday so I`m dealing with how angry I am with her right now. She trapped me. I`m making the best choice of the two crappy choices she gave me but it makes for a very angry employee.

  2. This is perfect for me to read right now. I’m in need of a major attitude adjustment. Thank you ma’am. I’m so glad to hear that this weekend went so well – you’re so close! And, please do show me the shoes!

  3. I’m totally in need of reframing! I’m the weirdo who’s more anxious about NOT being anxious about my wedding than I am about my wedding… total weirdo, right? I’m not stressed, I have almost everything done that needs to get done, but instead, I’m stressed about not being stressed. Oy.
    SO glad the weekend went well, and I’m with staci… SHOW us the shoes!

    1. If it’s any consolation, Mara, I wasn’t too anxious about it, either — I felt like eveyrthing was ready and we’d done all we could. Til the morning of, that’s when I felt the flutters but all good ones. Don’t fret too much, it’ll be amazing regardless of your anxiety/lack of it! Will take pics tomorrow 🙂

  4. This post is very timely! I am in need of attitude adjustment big time. My foot injury has prevented me from really working out for almost 5 weeks now and it is driving me nuts. Longest I have gone without regular exercise in 11 yrs! Exercise is such a good mood and anxiety lifter for me and I can really see the difference in my mood lately. I am being very negative in general and alternate feeling sorry for myself with being just angry at the world. I am trying to re-frame it by thinking how this is just a minor blip in the big picture. Things could be so much worse (then of course I feel guilty for being so upset about it LOL)

    The one silver lining is I have done NO stress or emotional eating which was one of my biggest fears when diagnosed with the foot problem. This makes me very proud.

    1. Thanks. it is hard because in addition to not being able to exercise (except upper body weights) I can’t use my normal mode of transportation–walking. I walk everywhere–work, grocery store, errands, movies, out, etc. So no exercise and no NEAT either

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