Repost: That Sunny September Day

I know 9/11 means so many things to so many people, and like everyone else, I have my own story to share.

It’s hard to believe 8 years ago today I was sleeping on a 6 a.m. D.C.-N.Y.C.-bound train and woke to hear the Amtrak attendant yelling, “Look out your windows! The World Trade Center is on fire!” By the time we arrived at Penn Station 10 minutes later, the second tower had been hit, and the world had changed.

Today, I’m remembering everyone loved and lost on this day. I’m thinking of their families who survive them, and of my NEA family who made that most unbearable day “bearable.”

Since my blog was pretty new last year on the seventh anniversary of 9/11, I thought I’d do a repost on this, the eighth anniversary. (Long-time readers, I hope you don’t mind my lack of creativity today …)

Click here to read “That Sunny September Day.”


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