When Only Waffles Will Do

kashiwaffleOne of the premises of intuitive eating is eating what you really want, instead of what you think you “should” have.

The rationale is if you eat what you’re truly craving, you’ll do it in moderation and won’t overeat mindlessly because you’re giving your body what it really wants.

For example if I am craving, let’s say, chocolate and I try to quell my hunger (emotional or physical) with pudding, I’ll end up eating the pudding and the chocolate and probably some peanut butter too, for good measure.

Which means way more calories than had I just had the taste of chocolate and enjoyed it.

I see you nodding your head … Been there, done that? 😉 You’re not alone. Women are notorious for depriving ourselves of one thing only to end up binging on something else, instead of just listening to what we really wanted (if food was the actual craving in the first place).

So last night I got home late following a Lia Sophia jewelry party (which went well — new catalog! BTW: I can do online orders and ship anywhere; e-mail me if you’re interested — August special is Buy 2, get 2 at 50% off — discount off the most $$ items).

Anyhoo … I was really hungry, and my husband had already eaten leftovers so I had a fridge and freezer of possibilities at my disposal.

I was hungry for something, but didn’t know quite what.

Then I remembered the Kashi Honey Oat waffles I had stuffed at the bottom of the freezer. After the stressful day I’d had, they sounded heavenly … and oh, were they ever! (with some PB Loco peanut butter!!)

It wasn’t a balanced meal by any stretch of the imagination — I could have made it balanced by adding fruit, milk or  yogurt) but I was lazy and tired. Yet I was OK with that because I’d eaten well-balanced meals during the day.

The truth is, it was exactly what my body wanted at the moment. Sometimes we just want a bowl of cereal. Sometimes we want waffles. And sometimes just listening to those cravings actually serves a greater purpose.

Not surprisingly, eating what I wanted kept me from noshing mindlessly at night.

While I wouldn’t consider waffles a proper “dinner” most nights (ok, when I lived alone, maybe!), for last night, it was just fine. And I’m A-OK with that.

How about you? Do you struggle with eating what you want vs. what you think you should have? How are you doing with intuitive eating?

**Addendum @ 7 a.m. -Had a bit of a midnight incident last night; ironic since it has been a while!! It’s a new day.


9 thoughts on “When Only Waffles Will Do

  1. I am working on finding the balance with eating what I want and what I think I should have. I`m trying to just observe my habits without judgement. Over time I`ve been seeing definite improvements from resitricting and binging but it certainly hasn`t happened over night. Patience with this is hard but I know it`s for a greater purpose. I know for me, I can`t expect to all of a sudden become an intuitive eater. Sometimes that guilt still creeps up or I tell myself I can`t have something without even realizing it. I have to work to ask myself what I truly want. And sometimes I`m unsure becuase I`m conflicted between want and need and what to do. But it is getting better, however slowly!

  2. hey brave girl! admire you! its like5 30 in the morn and i woke up and start snacking… i neeeed to just go back to sleep. i will eat a luna bar for sweets, it tastes great but sometimes i will cheat with something else.

  3. I know this sounds strange, but I think because I haven’t listened to what my body wants in so long, I really don’t know WHAT I want sometimes. Although usually chocolate sounds good. 🙂

    I’ve really been working on textures and temperatures, and that helps me determine what I really want. Like, if I want something warm and “carby” I might have some toasted bread with almond butter. But it’s still been a struggle. Hopefully the more I work at it, the easier it will get.

  4. I also find it best to eat what you are truly craving. All those “low cal” substitions never work for me although sometimes if I want something sweet fruit will do the trick but if I am truly craving a cookie no fruit is gonna do it!

    I struggle with not having veggies in a meal or a meal that is low (or has no) protein. To me protein and veggies is what makes a healthy meal and I have seen huge (great) changes in my body once I started eating more protein so I have that association. I am getting better though. Like the other day I really wanted a hummus and veggie sandwich. No real protein there but it is what I wanted to so I ate it and enjoyed it and know that one meal low in protein is not going to affect anything.

  5. Oh yes! And it goes both ways. Sometimes I struggle not to listen to my ED voice tell me that a too small lunch is good enough. Other times, I struggle to remind myself that the stress-related snakcing isn’t because I’m hungry and a few hershey kisses won’t stop hunger or the stress. I struggle more with the latter now.. thank goodness for therapy 🙂

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