Good Times Are Comin’

My best friend is visiting this weekend, and I cannot WAIT to see her!!

We met freshman year of college in the dorms and have been inseparable ever since — even with going abroad to different countries, even after living in different  states for the past eight years since we graduated; we’re still just as close. It’s kind of amazing to me that we met at 18, and now we’re both turning 30 this fall…time flies!

Naturally, I can’t wait to spend quality time together and show her all around where we live. I love having guests, and having moved so far away from both of my “homes” (N.J., where I grew up, and D.C., where I went to school and lived post-grad), it’s not every day we have guests!!

As I’ve gotten older, that line from that campfire song I sang in Girl Scouts has really rung true.

“Make new friends
Keep the old
One is silver and
The other’s gold.”

I’ve been incredibly lucky to find amazing friends and confidantes here in Michigan. I really feel blessed to have such wonderful female friends in my life; I really don’t k now where I’d be without them!

Don’t get me wrong — I love my husband to death, but he’s not a female, and there’s just something special and wonderful about female friendships, don’t cha think?

In case you can’t tell, I’m super-excited to see her, and won’t be blogging again probably until Tuesday! 🙂

Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!

How about you? How pivotal are your female friendships in your life? How do you stay connected if you live far apart?


6 thoughts on “Good Times Are Comin’

  1. LOL I remember that song from Girl Scouts. Female friends are so important. I have to admit that once I met my now husband he sort of became my “best friend” and focus but female friends really are so important. Most of my closest friends live far away, email (and now Facebook) is a great way to keep in touch and connect.

    1. Lara, I see what you mean. In many ways my husband is my best friend and closest confidante, but he doesn’t always “get” things the way my female friends do!

  2. oh my…my friends are pivotal in my life, male and female alike. While I long to be married, I am blessed to not have to worry about having to be careful with male/female relationships (as long as the male is not married). Because of that I have several men who are like best friends for me. But like you I met 3 women freshman year in college who I would consider my BFF’s. I could not do life without them. Fortunately, we all live near each other now and communicate constantly.

    Where abouts in Michigan do you live? I am going to be doign the Girls Best Friend Triathlon in K’zoo County on teh 29th! Spent the last couple years living in GR, and currently live in teh Detroit area…near where I grew up!


  3. For some reason, I’ve always had a difficult time with friendships…I don’t know if it’s that I expect too much, or I’m too sensitive, but I always end up getting/feeling hurt somehow.

    I have great girlfriends, don’t get me wrong, but none of whom I feel extremely close to. Thankfully I have my 2 sisters, and I feel so blessed to have close relationships with both of them. Women need women in their lives, for sure!

    I hope you have a great time this weekend!

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