Calm Friday

new_logoIn spite of feeling like a raging PMSing beyotch as I usually do right before my period arrives, I’ve actually felt a resolute calm for the past three days (today being day four).

The reasoning — what I’m about to say — will probably disappoint some of you who really were rooting for me to love intuitive eating, but I’m not one to lie, so … here’s my confession.

Intuitive eating just doesn’t come naturally to me without journaling; I’m just not there yet, and don’t know if I’ll ever be.

So instead of feeling frustrated at myself for giving in to emotional eating, I decided to work on my behaviors and, more importantly, my thinking. And in doing so, my anxiety levels are at a bare minimum. Hurrah!

As it has worked out, the past three days I’ve been eating cleaner, which naturally makes me feel better. I have more energy when I am eating balanced.  And, surprisingly, it’s been very intuitive.

(I’ve even found a new breakfast love: overnight oats using PLAIN Fage 2% Greek yogurt with oats, a splash of milk, and a drizzle of honey, topped with blueberries. I’ve never been able to stomach plain yogurt, but this Fage 2% plain is so incredibly thick and delish … I have been loving it!)

What some of  my readers might not like to hear is that I’ve been journaling on a new site (for me) called, which is very similar to Sparkpeople that — yes — counts calories. Which is inherently not “intuitive.”

But … and here’s the rub — I’m not obsessing over the numbers. No scale, nothing.

I’m journaling at MyDailyPlate, but just using it as a parameter; if I go over, I go over. I honestly like how it shows the nutritional breakdown of what I’m eating, and it’s inspiring me to make choices that make me feel good (and yes, that sometimes means chocolate! :))

A friend recommended it and I figured, why not give it a shot?I find the interface fun and easy to use (and I like it better than SP). Truthfully, I needed something new to be excited about to get me motivated.

I know I’m not unhealthy or overweight (I’ve already agreed to ignore certain barometers that tell me otherwise) but it’s no secret that I have some weight I’d like to lose for my own health — and it’s not an unhealthy amount I’m looking to lose (just what I gained while beating chewing/spitting this year).

If nothing else, I’d like to give it the old college try. If it doesn’t work, so be it — but it’d be nice to feel good in my clothes again.

On the other side of the coin, which some of my readers who know me as a gym-rat might be happy to hear about, I’ve been cutting back on exercise, and I feel great.

I’m loving walking with my walking group at lunch on days when I can do it, and I’ve enjoyed lots of leisurely bike rides with my husband or my friends that are just for fun. And I’m still going to the gym, but without the urgency I used to feel. I’m stopping when I feel like it; not pushing myself.

I think sometimes things just fall into place, and when my eating is on track, I don’t over-exercise. It’s definitely an incentive, for an emotional eater like myself, to be in this place of calm.

Granted it’s only three days in (today being four), but I’m  hoping to ride this wave as long as I can. I like feeling in a groove; one that is not at all feeling restrictive and one that isn’t a free-for-all either.

For now, I’m going to give it a whirl. And though I’m talking about a weight loss site today, I’d like to note: this isn’t a weight-loss blog, and never will be– you won’t see pictures of my food or tallies or descriptions of my intake or output. You won’t hear about my weight, or anything of the sort. My focus hasn’t changed; I’m just trying out something new, in conjunction with adapting some IE tactics, as well.

Ultimately, I need to learn how to live and have a healthy (nondisordered) relationship with food, and right now, the way to do it is through a little flexibility and a little guidance. Consider this my outreach for some help….

I hope you have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!

How about you? Has anyone else used this site? Do you feel momentum re: eating/exercise at certain times? Which usually sets your tone?


14 thoughts on “Calm Friday

  1. Looks like we made simialr announcements on the same day 🙂 I have started over at SparkPeople. I have tried The Daily Plate twice, but found that putting in the nutritional info was not that easy. SparkPeople ( to me, anyway) is much more intuitive and user-friendly. Just my two cents!

    I am not obsessing over numbers either, I promise you! But I need to get some order back in my life so this has been a lifesaver this week. Good luck with it 🙂

  2. I have never tried that site, but I’ve heard numerous good things about it! I’m almost finished with “Intuitive Eating,” and I know it’s not something I’ll be able to do right away, either. There are things from the book I’m working on and incorporating into my thinking about food, but I won’t be 100% for awhile…and that’s okay! I think if the journaling helps you with IE, then you should go for it.

    Random question….but do you go by “Melissa” or “Lissa”? 🙂

  3. I love the book too, Holly– but I just can’t do it all.

    I go by Melissa but my first screenname was my parents’ nickname for me, Lissa (plus my bday–10279). No one calls me Lissa actually except them!

    Ps–Saw your blog –good luck tonight 🙂 🙂

  4. I think that sometimes we forget that it’s okay not to be there yet. I know that personally, I feel like I should be able to eat intuitively, but in reality, I can’t right now, at least not if I want to lose these last 10 pounds.

    What do you like better regarding the daily plate vs sparkpeople?

  5. I am also doing a combo of IE and tracking cals. My goal is to follow IE 100% but like you said, I am not there yet. I have been in weight loss mode since January but didn’t read IE until last month. Since then I have incorporated a lot of the ideas and mindset. I see the tracking as “data” with no emotions tied to it. I have a calorie level I aim to hit but if I am truly hungry I eat more. I am only 2 lbs from my set goal but if I don’t get there so be it. And my goal is higher than my usual goal because of something that really struck me in IE–“honor your genetic blueprint”. I am not genetically inclined to be at the lowest weight in the “heathy range.”

    I do gain momentum when I see results on the scale or in the fit ofmy clothes, this motivates me to keep going. But now I also feel motivated when I practice good, healthy eating behaviors (from IE) and from listening better to my body. I have taken a few week long “diet breaks” in the last 6 months and found that 90% of the time I craved my usual healthy, clean food and had no desire to overat.

    Out of all the sites I like Fitday the best.

    1. Lara, I think that’s a fantastic approach — a nice combo and I hope that’s what I’m doing; I feel good about it, which is better than I felt a week ago, ya know?! 🙂

      I didn’t like Fitday! But to each her own 😉

      1. Its like Pepsi vs Coke, people seem to have a real preference for either Spark/Fitday/Dailyplate even though they are all pretty similar. 🙂

  6. I don’t think there is anything wrong with journalling while working on IE. For me IE is about not forcing myself to eat when I am not hungry and listening to my body so I know when to stop eating. From what I read you aren’t obsessing over what your next meal or snack would be or when to eat it right? I think keeping a journal is a great way to keep yourself on the track you want to be for calories and nutrition. If it isn’t interfering with your life then journal away. It is all about what works for you.

  7. I love The Daily Plate! I credit it in part to my 50+ lb. weight loss. I used it for over a year (I had the gold membership only because I liked how my meals were broken down). Recently, I switched over to SparkPeople because I needed “something new” to get me back on track.

    You know, I know “intuitive eating” is a huge buzz phrase but I am not sure if *everyone* can be/become intuitive eaters. I have been on a weight loss journey for 15 months now and I still do not believe I can eat “intuitively” and maintain so I continue to journal at the very least. Right now, I am above a healthy weight for me so I need to journal plus count calories until I reach my goal.

    I read the book “The End of Overeating” recently and found the last few chapters very informative especially in the author’s findings that some people will have to count calories/journal for life in order to maintain a weight loss. I truly think I am one of those people.

    1. Congrats, Michelle!!

      I think you might be right. We’re taught for so long not to be intuitive … that it’s a really big deal to undo all that “learning” if you will.

      I like that line “so I continue to journal at the very least” — this way, even if you’re eating what you want, there’s still some awareness tied to it.

      I wanted to read that one — I mentioned it a few months back!

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